Modern-day vacuum cleaners come with technological advantages and great features that are primarily designed to make the cleaning chores less stressful and more enjoyable. While there is no denying the fact that upright vacuum cleaners are best for deep cleaning your residence that has a number of carpets and rags, their heavier nature and limited maneuverability features makes them not so suitable for cleaning tough-to-reach areas of your home. Stick vacuum cleaners are generally referred to like the lighter version of an upright vacuum, as they are lighter in weight and are easier to maneuver as compared to the upright vacuum machines. Here are some important reasons why a stick vacuum machine is beneficial for your house cleaning.

Quick Cleanups

As streamlined upright vacuums, stick vacuum cleaners come with less suction power as compared to their upright counterparts. This cleaning equipment uses the battery as their energy source and is best suited for quick cleanups and to clean small messes. A house party arranged in a short time is one instance where quick clean up is required to ensure the house is nicely cleaned and in perfect shape to host the party. In such scenario, it is advisable to go for quick cleanings with lightweight vacuum cleaners such as Eureka Blaze NES210 to take care of unforeseen emergency cleaning situations that may be needed between your regular full-on cleaning days.

Smaller and lighter

The bulkiness and the heaviness are the major drawbacks of the conventional vacuums that prevent them to be used on a daily basis. Stick vacuums are quite easier to move around the residence due to their smaller size and lighter weight, making them ideal for daily cleaning chores. The ease of use of these machines makes them ideal cleaning equipment even for disabled or elderly people as they are very easy to maneuver due to their lighter and smaller dimensions. While suction power and heaviness are quite important factors for deep cleaning, a lighter weight stick vacuums are more than enough to clean small messes caused by the single spill. 


A smaller house or apartment without carpeted floors or rags do not require high suction, heavier vacuum cleaners that are more expensive. A good model stick vacuum with features such as decent suction, good air filtration that is available at lower cost than bulkier vacuums are more than sufficient to clean furniture, walls, uncarpeted floors, and stairs. The cost-effective nature of stick vacuums makes them ideal for families to efficiently clean their small-sized houses. 

Multipurpose cleaning 

Reputed manufacturers of stick vacuums offer convertible 3-in-1 models that can be used as a corded stick vacuum, as a stair vacuum cleaner and also as a handheld cleaning equipment. The multipurpose nature of such models allows the users to use them to easily reach and clean areas with many obstacles like furniture or cupboard or to effortlessly clean such hard to reach places in their residence. By removing the handle from the equipment, these convertible stick vacuums can be converted into stair vacuum that offers excellent staircase cleaning. 

Easy storage

Families residing in tiny houses or smaller apartments may have space constraints to accommodate bigger sized conventional vacuums such as upright models. It is important that the vacuums should not take up considerable space and needs to be easy to store. The easy storage benefit offered by stick vacuum cleaners is another important reason to choose them instead of bulkier and heavier cleaning equipment that occupy considerable space. The compact size and the lesser weight of these stick vacuums make them easily placed in smaller spaces such as closet shelf top or in the pantry of the house.

Less Noise

The bulkier and heavier vacuum cleaners come with high suction power that produces considerable noise in the residence during its use. Noise from these high suction powered vacuums can become a great hindrance to the sleeping members of the family, pets and also neighbors, who may consider them as quite disturbing and can even cause disturb the relationship is frequently used. On the contrary, stick vacuum cleaners are not as noisy as their bigger counterparts, thus allowing them to be used at any time without causing disturbance to anyone.