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Spending weekends visiting display homes can be an exciting way to test drive floor plans with your family, before making the commitment to build. As many buyers have found, to their dismay, the opulent finishes, fixtures and floor plan they are viewing when they inspect a display home, and what they actually get at the end of the build, can sit  in stark contrast.  It is natural for builders to want to showcase the best they have to offer but for buyers, that means arming themselves with as much information as possible to gain the optimum value from every home inspection. How can this be achieved? By asking questions. The more the better! Asking the right questions will provide insights to allow you to make the most informed home building decisions.  Read more
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As a cat owner, your topmost priority is keeping your cat healthy and hearty. We all know that the cannabis plant is day by day being recognised more for its positive impacts and effects on us humans for treating conditions like inflammation and other kinds of ailments. So it is all the more reasonable for us to try test those on our feline friends. Well there is already ample amount of research work going on in this direction and there are positive results showing us that the cats can benefit tremendously from the cannabis plant.  Read more
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That said, next time you take a brewery tour of the Niagara region make sure you check out these five breweries.   Read more
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