France and its great snowy mountains are always one of the go-to destinations for skiers, experts and amateurs alike. Choosing the right time to go can be tricky though! Choice depends on the station, the activities available, the snow conditions, but mostly the cost of the stay. That said, you can surely find good deals all winter long, if you know where and how to look! Here are a few pieces of advice if you’ve suddenly decided you want to ski in the new year.


Skiing in January

The first two weeks after NYE are always quite good for skiing. There are less holiday-goers, and you could find some very good deals. You could still have time to book last-minute, so why not check out Mark Warner Ski Holidays and enjoy a stunning stay in a French ski resort in January? Many resorts will offer discounted rates or interesting packages with services. That said, with half-term approaching in France, prices tend to go up again after mid-January, from the 20’th to the 25th.

Skiing in February

With school holidays in full swing, booking a well-priced ski holiday in February in France may be difficult. Often, the best time to go is at the start of the holidays. During the first week, prices can be 10 to 20% lower than usual. However, many resorts pump their prices around the 13th to the 20th. If you really long for a February ski holiday, wait for next year and book 3 or 4 months in advance.

Skiing in March

March is probably the best period to go skiing in France. Different resorts compete for the best prices and the most interesting deals on ski bundles, accommodation and rental costs before the end of winter. Heading for the mountains in March is a good plan for budget holidays, especially if you have the whole family to cater for. You could get 30 to 40% off usual costs! For other types of travellers (singles, groups, retired etc), it may be advised to book pretty early to go skiing in March in France.

Skiing in April

Avoiding school holidays is a good way to ski in France on the cheap. The reason? Even during the Easter break, resorts have trouble attracting enough guests, due to uncertain ski conditions. You may not enjoy the same amount of snow as the winter, but you’ll be enjoying much lower price tags, and a week in the French mountains in Spring will still make for dreamy holidays!

Skiing off-season

It’s always the best bet to bag some cheap bookings. Resorts in France will be releasing extra special deals to attract customers. As such, you may want to leave bookings to the very last minute to fully enjoy the price drops. What’s more, forget about crowds in these seasons! To each their slopes and the best material available to rent! If you spot some good snow conditions in France and decide to book last minute for an off-season ski holiday, you’ll enjoy the best choice of resorts and equipment. Do bear in mind, not all slopes or domains open at the same time in France, and in some periods of the year, if you do want to put the skis on every day, you may want to have a close look at what each resort offers (for example, Tignes, Chamonix or Les 2 Alpes are open until May). If you’re not too fussed, do look at what else the resort and area may offer: can you enjoy a spa? Or hiking, horse riding or cycling? Does the resort offer kids’ clubs? Do compare different resorts and different regions – France has so much to offer in terms of skiing, it would be a shame to miss out!