If you are someone who loves knitting and also want to do that for a cause like help charity work, then Knitting for Charity is for you. Oh! It’s important to let you know that the company that began this cause of knitting for the purpose of charity is called Darn Good Yarn started by Nicole Snow who is the founder and CEO of the company. Nicole had a dream and passion for knitting right from her childhood days. 

Something that she loved doing even as a kid and was a great getaway for her knitting from boxes of recycled silk yarn that her mother had stored. But when Nicole began knitting from these wonderful silk yarn, she began thinking about those who had spun these beautiful yarn and had a conviction that people who made these yarn deserved a better way of living and hence worked with a mission to help those who make yarns, packs the orders, etc. by doing good in every part of the business. Darn Good Yarn supports a lot of people who are in the process of making yarn in the developing countries by giving them an opportunity to earn better wages and in turn support their families; no doubt it has received a lot of positive Darn Good Yarn Reviews.

Being inspired by Nicole Snow, another young mom Nicole Haschke actually began the Knitting for Charity business where she believes in making in real contributions to the community. Nicole Haschke encourages others who love to knit to get into the obsession of knitting for a cause… for charity and thereby help others by donating their products knit from yarns and silks to people who really need them or even knit to support a group of people (or animals). What Haschke really realized was that she was not only knitting because she loved doing it but also was doing it for a cause which makes a world of difference. You might be wondering that knitting doesn’t really come to you that easily and how can you knit for a cause though you might love to do it. Don’t be hesitant, this is the story of many knitters who’d have tried many efforts and have failed miserably. For some people knitting might just click in their first attempt as it did for Haschke; and for others it wouldn’t have been that easy. 

But the best part is Nicole Haschkeis ready to offer you help by giving you information on knitting patterns, new knitting techniques, where to get your knitting supplies, and solutions to your knitting struggles. Join her Knitting for Charity to know how best you can knit for charity without any worry about your knitting struggles. Knitting for Charity is an affiliate of Darn Good Yarn and Nicole Haschke has great reviews of the company and the silk and wool she buys from them for her own knitting cause. Haschke shares her own joys of knitting and how she developed it as a passion for doing the same for charity. It all started when Haschke tried the Darn Good Yarn of the Month club. By subscribing she realized that she was supporting the non-liveable-wage earners in a small way. In return she was getting a good deal of yarn that she began to enjoy knitting. She was marvelled by Roving Silk yarn which was the first rainbow colored yarn she received.

Haschke acknowledges that she never knew how to arm knit and when she first received it, she was clueless how to go about it. Luckily she watched Snowman’s tutorial to arm knit on YouTube and tried it as it sounded like fun. When she really got it hooked, she could never resist herself. Within the first three months of subscription at Darn Good Yarn of the Month club, she received two hanks of silk yarn and reclaimed chiffon ribbon and Haschke became unstoppable. What she loved the most was Knitting for Charity. Haschke is one who believes in making a difference in the world through works of charity in small affordable ways. She shares that giving money for a cause doesn’t sound much like a contribution when you really get to do something for someone by taking in time and efforts. That’s why she loves Knitting for Charity. She loves knitting and when she knows that her knitted product is going to benefit someone, somewhere, it drives her passion all the more. 

Perhaps, you are one like Nichole Haschke and Nichole Snowman who loves knitting and also love to help people in whatever small ways you can. If that is the case, then you are at the right place. Get in touch with Knitting for Charity for more details and Haschke would to help you find what you love to do. She will be the right person to guide to get started with knitting if you are a newbie. Or if you already know how to knit but are excited to learn more knitting patterns and learn new techniques, you can contact Haschke. Or you are looking really cool knitting supplies and different kinds of yarn like silk yarn, handspun yarn, dyeable yarn, recycled yarn, etc. you will find it all…You will be really excited to make arm-knitted scarfs from recycled chiffon and knit crochet with recycled silk yarn.

If you’d like to learn how so get more details on how to get started, where to donate your knitting, whom does it reach and get involved in whole process of knitting for a cause then get in touch with Knitting for Charity. Or if you’d like to subscribe to Darn Good Yarn of the Month club, you can do so and you will not only receive yarn every month but also a bonus gift and a pattern. Sometimes, the bonus gift is like a set of needles that you can use for knitting and you will be happy trying different set of patterns every month. You can bet that you will get good quality yarn every month once you subscribe. If you’d like to skip subscription for a month you can do so without any hassles. That’s the best thing about being a part of Darn Good Yarn. Don’t fail to get in touch with Nicole Haschke and get more details on cool ways of Knitting for Charity.