Are you looking for a supplier where you can order customized coins and lapel pins with a unique design? Vivipins comes with all of the qualifications needed to be the best supplier. 

Vivipins: What to Know about the Company?

Vivipins is a company that specializes in providing customers with high-quality product custom lapel pins and coins. 

The company has been around for years and helped more than 10,000 organizations that are satisfied with the products created. This is no doubt that coins and lapel pins can play important role in marketing and promoting brands and services. 

Vivipins understands this well and uses all of the resources they have to create pins that can help the companies to convey a message and have better communication with the customers. The pin supplier is assisted by a teamwork with years of experience in creating customized pieces with high techniques. The products created by the company come with wide ranges of selections. The customers can pick up jewelry pins made of soft enamel, hard enamel, offset printed, 3D cast, or die struck. It has to be said that the pins made of soft enamel are the most popular pieces to order from the supplier. Meanwhile, if you want to perceive values highly, the one made of hard enamel is the best choice. The offset printed design will provide you with a glossily finished pin while 3D cast can help to create intricate outer shape. However, whatever design you choose for the pins, the supplier will make it comes true.

The Company’s Professional Works
To give the optimum services to the customers, Vivipins has a strong dedication to conducting professional works for the customers’ satisfaction.

1. Best designers
The supplier is supported by the best designers to help the customers to design pins that will be perfect the most with their need. The designers work in the team are those who really understand about branding and respect logo. They will listen to what you say to explore what you actually want for the logo. The designers will also respond to your questions in a professional manner and with high respect.

2. Enamel Coloring
The coloring process of the enamel is done professionally with extreme carefulness to create perfect products. The team consists of skillful staffs that understand the enamel coloring techniques well.

3. Automated Polishing
The polishing process is done by using a machine to improve productivity and make sure that all of the pieces are polished well. The polishing process will make the products created look perfectly just like the ones you imagine.

4. Strict Quality Control
To make sure that the products are in perfect condition, the company applies a strict quality control system. In addition, the original visual image is used to ensure that the design made is just exactly as the customers want.

5. Carefully Packaging
After passing the quality control, the products will be packaged carefully. There will be lavish packages provided to put the pins and coins. The packaging staffs will make sure that the products are stored carefully in the package before they are delivered to the customers.