The millennials form the largest generation on the planet by numbers, and also happen to be the largest generation presently in the labor force. The other fact about them is that they are currently on their prime-spending years. Thus, all of these facts combined make them the most crucial group of consumers in the world at present. So, when millennials shower their love on a particular brand like Being Human online, you can expect that it is great news for the brand as the sales are bound to soar and stay high. 

When it comes to their favorite brands, some of their choices are classic favorites while some are recent add-ons to the list. According to the reports of MBLM, a branding agency and Moosylvania, an ad agency the following are the five brands that have the most popularity among the millennials in 2018.



Millennials are known to among the group that stays the most connected and you will hardly ever see them without their smartphone by their side. Most millennials admit to reaching out to their smartphone the first thing after waking up. Their tech-savviness is unquestionable and what they want is a technology that goes beyond expectations. And Apple, as one of the most reputed brand in the world at present, manages to tick all the boxes for them.

Apple products have their own cult following among the millennials and most of the users would not even think of buying a similar product from a competitor. The amount of brand loyalty that you see in iPhone users is the stuff legends are made of. As the brand ups its game every year, it is safe to say that top spot is going to stay with it for quite some time now.


Disney is a name that all of us grew up with and it forms an inseparable part of nostalgia. If the word Disney only invokes the ideas of Mickey and Minnie in your mind, think again, though they are still as popular as ever. It also involves franchises like Marvel and Star Wars. Each of the franchises have really in-demand merchandises and are powerful fashion statements to make in keeping with the pop culture. 

What adds to the popularity of Disney is that it is still one of the most loved family-friendly brands of the world. Since millennials are driven by their values and beliefs, this emotional attachment works as a major factor in Disney’s popularity.



Nike, the sportswear brand based in Beaverton, Oregon, is a name that needs no introduction. When it comes to apparels in general, and active wear, in particular the brand has a reach that is unrivalled. Nike has established itself as the favorite brand of the sportsters around the world. It is the go-to brand for every millennial who is into sports and fitness or even the ones just trying to maintain an active life. 

Nike has been quick to catch on to the latest trends in the market, thereby adding to its demands. From athleisure to 3D printing, the brand has ventured into every idea that is close to the millennials’ heart. And what more, it has shown remarkable success in making each trend better than what was envisioned.


So what do you get when you put together style and affordability? Yes, the answer for most millennials would be Target. The millennial generation was among the ones hit the hardest by the difficult economic times with many of them having to stay without a job for the longest time. This made the generation more sensitive about the price, in addition to being concerned about quality. Target seems to have answered to all of these demands of the generation.

It has turned its focus on the millennials with its adequate stocking of gluten-free, organic products along with collaborations with many young and upcoming brands. The dedicated efforts by the brand seem to be paying off as the perfect coming together of economical prices and value for money resonates rightfully with the young shopper.


When e-commerce started making its strides, the youngest millennials were still in their teenage. So, naturally, now online shopping has become second nature to the tech- savvy generation. And when you mention e-commerce, the name of Amazon just cannot be ignored. Check the phone of any millennial, and you will find the Amazon app existing there.

It has earned its place in the heart of the millennials with its superb customer service, highly valued by the customers. The fact, that Amazon stays pretty active on social media and lets millennials share their views there as well, also comes into play. It is the brand that has cemented its place as the one that the millennials just can’t go without.