A List Of The Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations In Macao That Are Relatively Unknown

Some Underrated Places In Macao Whose Publicity is Long Overdue

It is every tourist’s wish to visit beautiful places whenever they embark on an adventure. The key to finding unique views is through thorough research because most of the world’s stunning places are hidden. However, the lack of notoriety does not stop them from being the best places to visit.

Macao is a city with a picturesque landscape, clean streets, and gardens. The area is on the southeast coast of China and is the most densely populated area in the world. Macao is Asia’s gambling capital and for this reason, it’s also called the “Vegas of China.”. Macao’s economy is largely dependent on tourism and gambling. 

The elegant Portuguese buildings together with the rich and diverse traditional Chinese culture make it a famous tourist destination. It’s about time you got a rental car from m.eastrentcars.com and make a trip around this deserving city of prosperity, peace, fashion, and history.

Great places in Macao that few people know about…

The most popular and most visited places are usually not the most beautiful. Stumbling upon magnificent destinations is, however, not as difficult as you may think. In this article, we’ll take a few great places that deserve to be given publicity. They Include: 

1. Eiffel Tower at Parisian Macao

This replica is a recreation of the magical and alluring Eiffel Tower. Macao’s Eiffel Tower is a faithful representation of its Paris counterpart. The main difference is that the replica is made of steel while the original was constructed out of wrought iron. The former is designed in such a way that is can withstand the high winds during the annual typhoon season in Macao.

This landmark creates an iconic addition to the city’s skyline and is a popular tourist destination in Asia. 

The tower features ornate detailing, staircases, and mesh screens around the observation decks. Every night, a spectacular light show lights up the tower just like that in Paris.

This is the perfect place for lovers who cannot make it to Paris to feel the romantic French atmosphere. The tower has a stunning view, is beautiful which means you’ll definitely enjoy taking pictures and posing around. 

Source: brg.com.sg

2. Coloane Island

This small yet interesting island hosts many historical sites. It combines the traditional ways of Macanese living and Portuguese architectural heritage. This colorful island has local shops, colorful Taoist temples along its narrow lanes as well as simple fishing lodges.

The Coloane Island is still a large fishing village. 

It is a relaxing place to explore all day as you admire the view of the mainland, the lush greenery, water reservoirs, and the waterfront. The natural beauties here provide a calm atmosphere away from the casinos allowing one to unwind as they bask in the sun.

3. Jardim do Sao Francisco

This translates to “Sant Francisco Garden.” This little garden located in the heart of Macao is the oldest garden in Macao and features a European style. It was built in the late 16th century by Franciscan under an order from Castille. Later on, these original owners were then replaced by friars from Portugal.

The calmness of the garden makes it the perfect spot to take relaxing breaks from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The garden consists of three sections. The main lower section goes all the way to the street, then there’s a smaller second section that ties the lower level to the upper level. The midsection is dominated by the staircase balustrade to the left of which there are a couple of free public toilets.

4. Hac Sa Reservoir Country Park

The park is a nice and chilled getaway from the city.

This place provides a nice venue for family outings. There are many activities for the entire family which include barbeque, renting pedalo boats, or taking a walk around the family trail. 

The kids are not let out as there is a playground where they can hop around. There are also a couple of slides on the playground that the kids can slide down.

Families can bond and stretch their legs as they walk along the Long Chao Kok Family trail. The 45-minute leisurely walk is divided into three paths which are the:

i. Rockview Path
ii. Seaview Path
iii. Red Leaves Path

The park provides nice scenic views of the serene mountains and sea that encompass Coloane. The view of the Hac Sa Beach is also quite delightful thanks to the “black” sand.

Another feature that makes the park a perfect location for family outings is the availability of camping grounds and picnic sites.

5. AJ Hackett Macao Tower

This tower has a height of 338m from the ground level to the highest point. The tower’s observation deck features panoramic views, theatres, restaurants, and shopping malls. Tourists who are brave enough can take a thrilling walking tour around its outer rim.

The tower is used for bungee jumping by AJ Hackett at 233m which makes it the world’s highest commercial skyjump.

Besides its use in entertainment and observation, the tower also functions as a telecommunications and broadcasting point.

Source: ajhackett.com