So, I am not really too much of a flip-flop guy. As a matter of fact, I would prefer to walk around barefoot before ever wearing flip-flops. With that said, I can appreciate the quality and the aesthetic modulation of flip-flops that would better accentuate my overall appearance. 

Not only can you have custom flip flops that make you look good but they can also be quite beneficial in certain areas. 

And in this article, I have taken the liberty to compile a list of the best places to wear flip-flops. 


The Best Places To Wear Your Custom Flip Flops

# 1 - Beach 

This probably goes without saying, and it is perhaps one of the best and comfortable places to wear flip-flops, IN THIS LIST (because there will be some other places that are just simply unhygienic). 

The beach is a great place to wear your flip-flops. Or you could also go barefoot but the reason I think to wearing flip-flops at the beach is the idea that you won't have to deal with so much sand on your feet - which somehow stays LONG AFTER you have left the beach DAYS AFTER.

Is that not mysterious????

# 2 - Out On The Street

Now, yes wearing flip-flops on any given day is not too uncommon but they are extremely beneficial for rainy days. There is nothing worse than for it to rain cats and dogs only to get your shoes so wet and soaked that you must purchase new shoes. 

Wearing Flip flops on rainy days can be a godsend and for a variety of reasons. The reason such as: 

Much more comfortable
Easy to take off
An added benefit of cleaning your feet (hey am I the only one that does that)
Feel the wind and the fresh rain water on your feet (hey it feels good to have mother earth bath you in her water, as well as have the wind blowing between your toes)

Flip flops are amazing for outdoors. 

# 3 - Hostel Bathrooms

Now we enter into the unhygienic areas. 

If you have ever traveled abroad or just traveled yourself to another city, you will know how public shared bathrooms may be. Most people will not share our bathroom etiquettes, and therefore those bathroom shower floors may not be as sanitary as we might like them to be. 

Having flip-flops while you are showering may seem a bit weird, but it is one of the best ways to make sure you aren’t stepping in some bodily fluid that is not yours. 

You’ll be surprised at the level of bacteria and other unsanitary things lurking around in a public bathroom. 

But with that said it is a public bathroom and therefore what more could you really expect. 

# 4 - Around The House 

In many countries in Asia, it is tradition to have flip flops for around the house. Shoes are meant for outside whereas flip-flops would be intended for inside. The reason behind this is because shoes are intended for the outside world. 

It is unsanitary to track dirt and mud into your home and therefore in many Asian cultures it is customary to wear flip flops around the house. 

This is a really good idea and something that somehow flies over a  lot of western minds. 

# 5 - Pools 

Pools can be fun, but much like any public area, it can be a bit unsanitary spillway when you have people snorting up snot, spitting and urinating. Yeah, pools aren’t necessarily the most sanitary of places. 

Wearing flip flops around these areas may very well be the best decision to make. Not only do you keep your feet sanitized but you also prevent yourself from slipping (assuming you have some very good flip flops that will not slip when in contact with water. 

Flip Flops Are Great Footwear 

Now as I mentioned earlier in my intro - I am not personally a fan of flip-flops, but I do appreciate their usefulness in certain situations. As much as I love my boots, those aren’t necessarily the best footwear to sport at the beach or in the shower (needless to say). 

The great thing about custom flip flops is that you can accentuate your style so that it can better compliment your overall appearance and character. 

Take for example my love for Batman. Yes, there are many Batman flip flops out there already but how many have the whole Batman family on them? Or how many have a particular comic book issue panel on them? 

Very few. 

The best thing about custom flip flops is that you can have whatever you want on them. And because of they really do make a great gift. 

Very Affordable

Custom Flip Flops are extremely affordable and will not geek the bank. I mean, that probably is a no-brainer as flip flops themselves are not that expensive. But being able to customize your flip-flop may be a bit more expensive than purchasing a pair of flip flops online or at your local drugstore. 

Get Yours Today 

If you are looking to really accentuate your appearance with a style that is befitting of you (meaning NOT copying others), then it would be a great idea to not only custom flip flops but customized clothes, as well. 

Nothing screams individuality (and that is a great thing) the customizing your life and appearance the way that you want it to. 

They are great gifts for: 

Business giveaways
Your Business Promotion 
Party Events
Marchandise sélection 

The Best Places To Wear Your Custom Flip Flops

As you can see flips flops are great footwear in many places and more importantly they can be an excellent protector against many unhygienic places. 

They cost very little, and they look amazing. With that said if you haven't gotten your custom flip flops then what are you waiting for? 

Check out the many custom flip flop websites and start getting yours today.