Do you ever find it is extremely difficult to stay focused at work?

Between daydreaming you are on a tropical island, or email notifications popping up in the lower right corner of your screen while your supervisor is standing over you, trying to assign you that one task that will put you over the edge. 

Let’s be honest, who can focus with all that going on?

Since we are all about maximizing your time and achieving your goals, below are 7 ways to stay focused in the office through all the chaos. 

1. Create your working environment.  

First things first, organize your space. Make sure that your desk and the surrounding area is organized and free of clutter. Keep your supplies readily available for when you need them. Make sure your chair is comfortable. If you are not in a shared space, decorate so that you have positive energy surrounding you. 

2. Maintain a to-do list. 

Plan ahead and write down all your ideas. Keep your to-do list current and organized. You can have a daily and weekly list where you highlight the items you need to complete within each. This will help you prioritize. Pure Nootropics is always on mine, I can’t forget to get in my daily vitamins and energy boost that never fails to keep me going. 

3. Set daily deadlines.

Set clear, hard deadlines for every item on your to-do list. When you create deadlines for yourself, you automatically create a sense of urgency that will help you focus to make sure they are completed.

4. Keep office socializing at a minimal.

There is always that one social butterfly who loves to float around the office, stopping at everyone’s desk, discussing everything but the work that is sitting on their desk. Don’t be that person. The last thing you want to do is get to the end of the day and realize you have not accomplished much of anything. Keep socializing to scheduled break times or before/after work. 

5. Stay off of social media. 

Social media has a way of sucking you in. Not only is social media the ultimate distraction, it drains your brain of energy that you can be using to get your work done. Unless you have a serious reason why you need to near your phone, try to keep your phone out of sight during the workday.

6. Pump up the Music. 

Have you ever put headphones on and looked up with time having flown by. Plug in those headphones and “rock out”! It will give you a balance of being focused, yet enjoying yourself.

7. Get Some Air. 

Try taking small, 15 minute breaks. It can be mentally exhausting sitting in one spot, glued to your seat and eyes staring at a computer screen. Everyone needs to take a break and in some places you are legally allotted them. Whether you go for a quick stroll, grab your favorite power drink or chat with a colleague enjoy those few minutes to refresh yourself.

If you are blessed enough to work in an office that is relaxed and mellow, then consider yourself one of the lucky ones. As we all know the majority of offices are a nonstop, action-filled daily adventure, try these ideas to stay focused!