A decent cosigner for private educational loans: 
1. Must have some history of paying installments on time 
2. Have a decent credit score
3. Have a stable job 
4. Understand the responsibility of repaying the debt
5.  Must not be currently bankrupt 

You can read about these points below and find out how they can help you and your cosigner. It’s very important to keep the following in mind before searching for a cosigner for your private student loan. 

History of Paying Installments on Time
Your cosigner ought to have a background marked by paying their bills when due. Past due bills make your cosigner less appealing to potential loan lenders. On the off chance that you figure you will be not able pay an installment, contact your loan lender AND your cosigner quickly. Your loan lender may have some choices to enable you to remain current (like reducing or delaying your scheduled installment). 

Your cosigner is similarly in charge of the loan. On the off chance that you miss an installment, this could affect their financial assessment. Ensure they know whether you are having budgetary trouble, so they can assist you.

Have a Good Credit Score 
In the event that you don't fit for an educational loan without anyone else, at that point you'll have to look for a cosigner. For the best terms and to get the most ideal loan interest rates, you should look for a cosigner with a high credit rating and a solid record. Paying your loan on time can likewise help fortify your own particular credit rating or credit score. 

Have a stable job 
One of the factors that moneylenders like to check is work history. Numerous students require a cosigner on the grounds that a) they are not right now utilized or b) they don't have an extensive history of beneficial work. A decent cosigner will have no less than two long periods of solid job. As you set up your own particular history of stable job, you can release your cosigner from their commitment or simply refinance your student loans into your name as it were. To refinance a student loan, check out Stilt.com.

Understand the responsibility of repaying the debt 
It's essential that you and your cosigner both realize you are similarly in charge of the loan. The thought behind having a cosigner is basically that, if the borrower can't bear to make their installments, the cosigner will make them. Missed installment will ding the credit report of both you and your cosigner. 

No Recent Bankruptcies 
On the off chance that you or your cosigner has a bankruptcy on your credit report, it is profoundly impossible you will be fit for a private study loan. In view of that, in the event that you are thinking about turning into a cosigner for another person, take note of this that private student loans are almost difficult to release in bankruptcies.

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