Most law firms do not get the right clients because they either waste their time using the wrong marketing techniques or they market themselves at the wrong places. The first category usually comprises law firms that opt for cheap marketing approaches. To successfully market your business, you need to spend about 2.5% of your total revenue on relevant and effective marketing techniques.

The second group promotes their brands on the wrong platform majorly because of lack of information. They don’t have the right guide. Often, they’ll use outdated forms of advertisement to market themselves. You need current and effective strategies to reach more clients.

Considering how effective the internet is in promoting one’s brand, there are different ways you can market your law firm online. This will guarantee an influx of clients on a regular basis. The approaches will not only ensure that your law firm grows but you’ll also experience the growth as a professional. Since you’ll be handling different cases, they will build your experience portfolio.

So, if you haven’t attracted new clients in the recent past, it’s time to change your approaches. To help you out, here are 5 most effective law firm marketing techniques that you should practice.

1. Email Newsletters

Emails are an effective marketing technique for two major reasons. To begin with, they are easy to compose and send. Secondly, most online users enjoy reading them. So, you should provide your email subscribers with current and educative legal information consistently. This will show them that you are relevant. The email readers will likely refer your law firm to their colleagues and friends in case they are not in need of your legal services.

As a law firm, you have an access to a variety of information—from industry updates to regulation changes. All these information can be used as the backbone of engaging and informative email newsletters that you can send to your email subscribers. You can use this technique to provide information about new services, new hires, awards, and retirements as well as other extracurricular events that your prospective clients may be interested in.

2. Online Reviews

It’s important to ask the clients that you serve to leave reviews on your site and other online pages. For example, you can ask them to say something about the experience on LinkedIn and Google. These two outlets experience a lot of traffic. If your law firm has a good reputation, then it’s likely you’ll get more clients. When sending a thank you email to your clients, you can include links to law review sites that they can click to leave their reviews.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media can really benefit your law firm, especially considering that 30 percent of the world population log into a wide range of social networks on a daily basis and a bigger percentage turn to different search engines for information and entertainment. Put simply, you can never talk about a successful marketing campaign without featuring social media. To be particular, Facebook and Twitter are very important when promoting your law firm. Whether you are a personal injury lawyer such as SK Law New Jersey or a divorce attorney, you need social media to reach more clients. If you don't already know 73 percent of third marriages end in divorce. This is means a lot of work for your company but if you don't find the right clients you won't make a single buck. Social media is great hence you should have the social accounts on your website and all the relevant social platforms.

4. Legal Directories

Legal directories are still relevant today. Just like we have people using the phone book, there are so many clients who check the directories when in need of a lawyer. In fact, putting the name of your law firm on the legal directories enhances your credibility online and offline. Your potential clients will know the exact name and contract addresses of your law firm.

5. Video Technique

A majority of websites for lawyers have video adverts. Often, the client that visits your website will want to know how you express yourself. So, a video is a great way to show them this. Other than posting the videos on your website, you can post them on YouTube. The videos will bring the following gains:

• Improve your traffic
• Build your online presence
• Enhance your conversion rate

With the above marketing techniques, your law firm can become popular. This gives you the chance to grow as a business. You also get to grow as a lawyer since the cases to handle will increase.