Costa Rica is indeed one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The country is world famous for its delicious food, warm people, and never-ending activities. Its beaches are like a paradise with water adventures like surfing, diving, and swimming. Moreover, the local food is as exciting as ever. It is the fantastic food and great travel that makes Costa Rica an all-time favorite among the tourists. Costa Rica is mistaken to be expensive, as there are sever tourist-friendly activities that can be enjoyed on a backpacker’s budget. 

As for the lodging and accommodation, Costa Rican villas remain much in demand because of their excellent location, excellent services, and affordable costs. Enjoy magnificent views from your rooms, and you are never far away from those exciting location and activities.

What to do and see in Costa Rica
There is plenty to do and see in Costa Rica, and it is simply not possible to cover the whole lot on a short trip. Still, some spots are a must to see and explore.

Start with a trip to t San José and explore the capital city that is located in the center of the country. Check out the history and art scene at the Museum of Contemporary Art & Design and the magnificent Teatro Nacional.

You must zip line through the rainforest canopy to get a close view of these vast and the highest rainforests. Monteverde is a favorite spot where you can get a hair-raising experience. You can also hike the surrounding cloud forest, and visit the coffee plantation.

Another of the major tourist attractions of the country are its volcanoes. Arenal volcano is world famous and one of the most active volcanoes. Explore the beautiful trails around the volcano. Irazu with a green-blue lake in one of its craters and Poas Volcano with a boiling acid lake within a crater are the two other popular volcanoes.

Jaco, a resort town attracts tourists because of its excellent surfing sites, beach parties, and pumping nightclubs. Enjoy the beaches and sport-fishing, as well as take the surfing lessons. Visit the Carara Biological Reserve to see hundreds of species of bird and scarlet macaws and armadillos.

Corcovado National Park is an off the beaten path destination. Explore the rugged and quiet jungles filled with trails. The peninsula can be challenging to explore, but the trip is certainly worth it.
La Paz Waterfall Gardens is another must-visit spot and includes the aviary,hummingbird garden includes butterfly, reptiles, big cats and more. The gardens have become even more popular ever since they have been renovated.

Take a tour of the coffee plantation as the Costa Rican coffee is famous all over the world.  Learn Howe the coffee is grown and processed. Taste the local brands, and you can buy discounted coffee in the gift shops.

Visit the Santa Theresa town located at the bottom of the Nicoya coast. The popular backpacker town is dotted with eateries, surf shops, and hostels and very interesting to explore. It is a good place to unwind and relax on the beaches.

If you want to know more about the endangered green turtle, then make a trip to the Tortuguero National Park, which happens to be the most important breeding grounds for the species. The National Park also protects manatees, sloths, and monkeys.

Puerto Viejo city is popular with expats and is located on the Caribbean coast. It is a favorite with all because of its fabulous beaches and party atmosphere. What makes it different than the rest of Costa is because of its Rasta influence.

The Costa Rican food 
Costa Rican food can be interesting as well as delicious as it comes in many variations. What makes it unique is the Creole-influenced cooking and the cooking style of the ancient indigenous peoples. Richs is commonly served with some kind of meat or fish along with a coleslaw salad. You can enjoy the ubiquitous Gallo pinto, just about anywhere as it is the national dish of Costa Rica. You will love the combination of red and white beans with rice and scrambled eggs. Ceviche, a raw fish “marinated” in lime juice with coriander is highly recommended.  Do try the fresh fruits which are especially good such as the papayas, pineapple, peach-palm fruit, anona, marañón and bananas. They are cheap as well as plentiful. Look out for fresh and sweet strawberries.

Eating out can be expensive in Costa Rica as the many in dishes can cost well over $10. The service charge and the sales tax add to the costs. Tipping is not necessary but often expected. Some of the fine dining restaurants are located on the outskirts of San José and offer excellent gourmet options. The cheapest places where most locals eat are roadside restaurants and bars. Most menus will have a vegetable, and daily specials include Casados, snacks, churros that can be had for around 4 to 5 dollars.

Costa Rican coffee is world famous, and it is usual to have coffee at the end of a meal. The best blends are served in high-end restaurants and are usually exported. Refrescos is a favorite, cool drink that is made with milk or water and fruit and ice. Herb teas are another favorite and served throughout the country. There are several local brands of alcohol beers, and Imperial and Bavaria Gold are considered the best of the bunch. These drinks have cleaner taste and more complex flavor. You’ll often find good varieties of Chilean, Argentinian and Spanish brand spirits.