Photography is as good as a photo shoot location. Many people don’t just focus on the image of a photo, but also on the looks of the background. Several factors come into play when it comes to choosing a perfect location for photography. Here are the tips on choosing a perfect location for photography:

Top 9 Factors to Choosing a Perfect Location for a Photo Shoot 

1.) The Sun

The full sun is good for photography. However, it’s important to consider how to deal with shadows. For example, the sun could be used as a backlight to create a dramatic rim light around your subject. Shooting in the shade has an effect of the light being diffused, depending on the interest of the photographer.

2.) The Story

What location suits the style of the shoot? Will the location add to the story someone is telling? A photographer should ask the above question to determine whether the location suits the shoot or not. Consider the location that matches the dress codes. 

For instance, for someone to match the tone of dressing, they can have a hot and earthy location to bring out the story of the photography. If suppose it is an advertisement that is adventurous, consider getting a location that is more free-spirited, a location that can easily tell the story without someone having to explain it.

3.) Having an Overhead Cover

Consider having an overhead cover for the location. There are two main reasons why the covers are important. One is that the natural light is channelled to the main subject of the photograph. Two is that weather change will not affect the photography.

Overhead covers play an important role when someone has bags beneath the eyes. Shadows are emphasized under the eye bags by light casting shadow. The shadow is largely reduced if there is a cover above. People probably don't notice why if they take pictures in the car, it provides a good setting. 

A similar situation is the door light. When taking photos, the subject should be placed with the door opened in the direction of the photographer. This way natural light flows in without the overhead light to cast under the eye.

4.) The Color of the Environment

A green Elizabeth M Photography environment is so fresh looking and wholesome for a family photo shoot. White sandy beaches and blue sky is good as well for family photos. Finally, the autumnal forests are also good for couples and families. However, colorful graffitied walls are best suitable for teen shoots. 

When doing advertisement photography with silver jewelry, get a location with granite rocks to beautifully match the grain of the stone. Although the elements could be tiny and not very viewer will notice them, the elements tie the image together improving the quality of the photograph.

5.) Access to the Location

Before choosing a location, it is important to see if it is accessible. Does the spot where you want to shoot accessible to both the shooting team and everyone involved? In a situation where children are involved, will they be able to reach the location without grassy stains or mud? Ensure that everyone involved in the photoshoot likes the location and will be happy during the shoot.

6.) Background with People

Before a photographer chooses a location, he/she need to know how busy the location is. At times the shoot may benefit from the people in the background, but at times a free people zone may be needed. 

If someone needs to shoot in public, they should be able to be considerate of other people using the same public place. They should also be aware of what other people think of being in their background.

7.) Public or Private Location

Photographers should know that not all places that the public visits are public places.  Some locations are privately owned and may have restrictions towards photography. It is common for commercial shoots not being free. 

One needs to apply and acquire a license for commercial shoots. All these processes need an individual to plan so that all the processes are completed within the given time limit of the shoot.

8.) Look for Variety

When choosing a perfect photography location, variety is very essential. A photographer can shoot for different looks without having to shift to another location. An interruption like shifting to another location breaks the flow of the photo shoot. 

Moreover, most likely everyone involved will likely fall out when they have to jump into the cars and drive to a different location.

9.) Safety

A photographer is responsible for everyone involved in the photo shoot. While a location may seem to be the best in the world, the perfect cool spot, one has to consider the safety of the location. The location should be safe in that both the people and the shooting equipment are safe. 
The structure of the location should also be safe. Most photographers like to use abandoned buildings which might not be safe as there is a reason as to why the building was abandoned in the first place.

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