Breathing polluted air is one of the major causes of diseases. To control the pollution is the most challenging task these days. Various measures are taken to control it but in vain. Your lungs get infected a lot by taking in the polluted air. You’ll be shocked to know that the air quality inside your house is far contaminated compared to outside.   

“Environment pollution is an incurable disease; it can only be prevented…”

Whenever we think of pollution, we always blame others for infecting the environment to the danger level. Rather than taking pills or going for medical check-ups, we should try to keep the air clean at home. This task is not at all difficult and can be done by following a few simple steps. Let’s take a look at some of the simple steps as to how you can purify your air quality at home:  

10 Steps to Keep your Air Quality Clean!

Following the below steps shall enable you to keep your air quality and the surrounding clean:

1. Carpeting has been one of the major sources that create toxic chemicals and mixes it up with the air. You should avoid carpeting to keep your inner air clean and switch it to door-mats.

2. Ventilating homes reduce the level of moisture that is the major problem for indoor air quality. For this, you need not allow impure air to come in by opening the windows but should install vents to purify it.

3. Beeswax candles act as natural air purifiers. If you want your house to remain scented as well as purify air, you should never go for paraffin candles. These candles are derived from petroleum and do more harm than good. Beeswax candles emit no smoke while burning.   

4. A fantastic way to make your indoor air clean is using activated charcoal. The features that had done this work wonders in removing toxins is that it is odorless and highly absorptive. 

5. Another great air-purifier comes out to be the salt lamp. The crystals of salt reduce airborne irritants by pulling water-vapor from the air. When they’re turned on, it improves air and continues its work even when they’re turned off. You can also use bamboo charcoal to clean your air naturally. 

6. In order to avoid the toxic side-effects such as ammonia and benzene, houseplants may be a perfect choice for you. Peace Lily works great for the persons having breathing problems as they prefer moderate sunlight. 

7. In the presence of essential oils, bacteria and virus can’t even think of surviving. These wonder oils include- cinnamon, oregano, rosemary, cloves, etc. It makes your air germ-free and acts as an antiseptic blend. To make your house scented, you can mix them with soaps and detergents.      

8. The habit of smoking is injurious to health as well as for the environment of your house. You should not always avoid smoking inside the house nor should allow any guests to do the same.  

9. If you’re a nature lover and have plants at home, make sure you clean them every day. This will avoid the debris accumulating on it and getting them to mix up with the air.  

10. You should always go for damp clothes to clean up the house as dry dusting lifts up the dust particles and make you breathe in the dust particles.    

Resist the temptation to open windows and clean up your AC’s on a regular basis. Make sure you re-decorate your house at regular intervals. You should look upon your health as coughing and sneezing spread germs all over the house. You can boost up the quality of the air in your house and make a drastic improvement in your health. “Be a part of the solution not the part of pollution.”