Jewels are personal ornaments worn on the body or attached on clothes for personal adornment. The decorative objects are usually made from precious metals such as gold, silver, diamond and other precious metals. Anyone can tell that precious metals are not cheap. However, manufacturers also coat cheaper metals to make cheaper ornaments.

Whether an ornament is made from a pure precious metal or coated with one, there is an attachment that comes with owning a jewel for a long time. That’s when tips on repairing jewels come in handy to restore a once functional wear.

A simple fault on a jewel is not reason enough to discard the entire ornament. The following are some of the tips on how to repair your jewelry fast :

3 Tips For Jewelry Repair
1. Replacing a Broken Necklace Clasp
A necklace clasp can break easily because it is often subjected to frequent opening and closing. A number of ornament shops sell spare parts for such jewels. Get a clasp of the same size and shape as the original one, matching color and type for a better deal. 

After buying a spare clasp, get the right tools for the job. Two pliers are used for opening the broken clasp and the new one attached to the necklace using the same tools. With the right tools and a high concentration rate, the clasp can be easily replaced.

2. Fixing or Replacing Earwires
Earwires can be replaced for two reasons; either the user is allergic to the original earwires or the old ones aren’t functional. Replacing earwires requires pliers to open the ring attaching the wire to the earring, replacing it with the new wire.

Replacing earwires is an easy task. It enables the user to retain their favorite earrings, change a broken earwire or remove one that’s not favorable. Earwires are found in jewel shops. People can easily access a variety of them to suit their taste or needs.

3. Resize or Re-Shape a Finger Ring
A ring that once fitted someone’s finger shouldn’t be discarded simply because it no longer fits. A metal ring mandrel and a leather mallet are the two tools required to get the job done. The ring is placed on the ring mandrel and the sides tapped using the mallet. 

The metal ring mandrel and leather mallet are used to continuously hit the sides of the ring to the desired size so it fits the person’s finger again. A professional is needed to resize and reshape rings with decorative stones as laymen can hit and damage them.

Learning the technique of repairing jewel can save people from the agony of losing their favorite jewels. It’s important to know the tools to invest in, how to use them and where to get them. A repaired jewel is as good as a new one. However, the cost of repair is less than the cost of replacing the entire jewel.
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