Artsy people can be extremely hard to shop for, especially if you’re not artsy yourself. How are you supposed to know what type, size, and shaped materials they need for the project they’re working on or even the projects you know they’re going to be working on in the future. 

Craft store isles might be completely foreign to you, unsure of what all of the do-dads and trinkets do, besides the paint of course. Even with the paint, do you even know for what purpose you would buy acrylic vs. water colors? You might be completely stumped while exploring the local craft store for gift ideas. If that’s the case, there are tons of sites online that you can turn to in order to make your crafty gift-giving venture a whole lot easier. 

If your friend is always churning out new blankets, scarves, or hats that they’ve made by hand, checking out might do you some good. You can find things for crocheters, knitters, weavers, and spinners. If you’re not quite sure what it is they would like, you can even settle with a gift card. On the other hand, if you’re determined to not go the gift card route, you can buy something much more generic like their born to knit ceramic coffee mug or a dumpling bag to help them carry their supplies. 

Gifts for painters  
Buying a gift for your friend who loves to paint doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. You may not have been listening all of those times he or she told you about their favorite brand of paint or canvases, but you know that they’re pretty darn good at what they do. In that case, rather than buying the wrong supplies, check out some of these fun gifts for painters! 
“I might look like I’m listening to you, but in my head I’m painting” mug 

Gifts for jewelry makers 
Some of the most gorgeous jewelry in the world is handmade by local artists. It doesn’t take an overwhelming amount of tools or a genius to figure out how to do it, rather just a steady hand and an eye for good design. Gifts for jewelry makers can include large compartment bead organizers, earring/necklace racks, plier tool sets, and even unique charms. You can check out Michael’s craft store for more ideas. 

Gifts for bakers 
It might not seem like baking is a craft, but it’s definitely an art, especially if the person you know can decorate their cakes, cupcakes, and cookies in intricate ways. In order to do this successfully you have to have a steady hand, and all the right tools. Bakers always seem to have a collection of such tools, so don’t be afraid to add onto them as a gift. For a baker with a fun personality, check out these custom song lyric tea towels that read “they see me rollin’ they hatin”, “watch me whip”, and “just beat it”. You can even make up a little basket of tools like frosting deco pens, 3 speed hand mixers, or silicon spatulas. 

You can’t go wrong with buying something crafty for a crafty person. Even if it might not be able to fit into their current project, they’ll definitely be able to find something to do with it in the future. You can check out places like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joann fabrics and crafts, as well as factory direct craft. For a more boutique shop, check out,, and Don’t forget, if you’re going to give a gift to a crafty person, you better wrap it well! While you’re shopping for the gift, you might want to buy some wrapping paper while you’re at it.