A clean and tidy workplace is very important for enhancing your productivity and performance as you will need to clean your office on a regular basis so that you can get a clean office without any kind of dust, germs and impurities. The 5 office cleaning ideas every clean freak needs to know will help you keep your office super shiny and bacteria free as it will make your workplace clean without much of an effort. Here are 5 office cleaning ideas every clean freak needs to know:

Disinfecting your workplace
Since the office tables tends to be busy whole day; it is also a breeding ground for a large number of germs, bacteria and allergens as people work for long hours at their tables. Hence the most important way is to clean and disinfect the tables so that you can get rid of all kind of impurities and for this you will need to use a mild cleaning solution that will help you get the desired results. 

Hence you will need to remove the computer, phone, files, pen stands and everything else from the table so that the cleaning can be done efficiently. There are some equipment’s and tools that can help in undertaking the cleaning tasks so that you can clean the harder to reach places in your office.

Cleaning electronics
Electronics tend to attract a lot of dust with regular use like computer, keyboards, laptops, printer and scanner and using these electronics can also contaminate your hands. Therefore if you want to avoid any kind of health problems, you should ensure that your electronics are clean and for this you will need to clean the electronics with microfiber cloth so that the cleaning can be done properly. 

But you should remember to use a mild soap and water solution for cleaning the electronics so that it does not get damaged and you should never dust these electronics too hard as it might cause damage to the electronics. Moreover you need to unplug and disconnect the electrical connections of these electronics so that you do not face the risk of electrical shock or any injury.

Vacuum your files and books
Rather than dusting each book and file individually, you should consider using a vacuum cleaner that will help you get the cleaning done in a short span of time. A vacuum cleaner can be used for gently getting rid of the dust from top of the files and books without the need of organizing and re-organizing these stuffs again.

Clean the furniture
There are many kinds of furniture in offices like chairs, tables, computer tables, desks and sofas that needs to be cleaned regularly so that you can get rid of the dust that gets accumulated on the surface. Wooden furniture can be cleaned with soap solution every week or alternate week so removing the dust and dirt which may make the employees sick due to dust allergies. You can call an office cleaning company to do the task as they can do it more professionally.

Window cleaning
Dirty windows are known to make the office look visually appealing and unattractive as it can also reduce the productivity and performance of the employees. Hence you need to clean the windows of the office with the use of cleaning solutions that will make your office look beautiful and you will be able to impress your customers, clients and partners.