Wrestling is a rough sport but it is good for young people. Wrestling isn’t only about fighting but it also teaches young people about discipline, perseverance, strategy, fairness, and sportsmanship. Parents better support their high school kids when joining a wrestling club. Not only it is good exercise but they can train to become a young athlete and if they become a good one, it opens the opportunity for collegiate athletic scholarship. Parent’s support can be many things and among them is buying a wrestling mat for home training.

Buying mat for wrestling training at home would be advised if your kid really serious to become a wrestler. The reason is obvious: practicing hard is the recipe to make a champion and that means year-long practice even in the offseason. That means your kid needs to have a proper training facility at home while a man is the most essential equipment for wrestling training. The mat provides a safe training space at home while allows him to familiar with the wrestling game rules. Of course, it requires a big commitment for the parents as wrestling mat won’t be cheap.

Looking for the best mats for wrestling to be used as training space at home is quite a challenge. It takes efforts, time, and resources to find the right one and not to mention considering the available budget. Ideally, the wrestling mat for training should be the same mat used for wrestling competition. The standard mat based on wrestling regulation. But professional wrestling mats are designed for the sports hall. It's too big and too expensive for home use. The next best thing would be looking for a custom designed mat for wrestling training and fortunately, this type of product is available on the market. There are varieties of models from several brands available and good news, they come with a more reasonable price.

While you are exploring the options, there are several factors to consider to help you find the best mats for wrestling to purchase. Those factors are:

This will be determined by how much training space available at home. It would be good to find ready to use mats with suitable space or you need to choose made by order custom mat.

Pre-Cut Sections
The mat can be available on one large piece or multiple pieces of smaller sections. Pre-cut sections would be preferable when the training space is shared for other activities. The sections can be assembled to form a full mat and reassemble when not used for easier storage.

Consider the wrestling standard regulation to choose the mat thickness. But training mat doesn't necessarily need to be exactly the same thickness. The mats are available on varieties of thickness. Thinner mats are lighter in weight and can be easily transported while thicker mats are heavier but more durable.

Core Padding Materials
The padding materials of wrestling mat are foam material. There are different types of foam More important thing is the mat core material can absorb impact force to provide better safety.

Surface Coating
Mat coating can be vinyl and canvas material. A quality coating is crucial to provide a non-abrasive surface to protect wrestler from the risk of cut or friction wound. The coating also protects the mat from cut and crack while also prevents moisture from soaking from the core.