The average person can’t just get up and go on a luxury vacation anytime they feel like getting away. Aside from responsibilities like work, kids, the house, dogs, etc. having enough cash for something like that isn’t always a given. 

Planning a vacation whether it is to Vancouver, Italy, Ireland, Banff , or even simply a National Park, it takes weeks and months of saving. If you come across a special on hotel rates or even a cruise, it’s probably for dates happening pretty soon. When that’s the case, you’ve got to be on you’re A+ savings game. Here are a few ways you can save your money quickly (and even earn a little extra) in order to afford your upcoming trip. 

Stop treating yourself (until the trip) 
Keep in mind that the trip you’re saving up for is something that you’re going to enjoy. For the next few weeks or months, avoid buying thing that you don’t absolutely need. Think twice about that new pair of sneakers or the purse you’ve had your eye on but carries a hefty price tag. Take the money that you would have spent on these things you don’t need and throw it into the vacation fund. This is all about self-control; you would be surprised how quickly it will add up. Every time you go to make a purchase, look at the things in your cart. If it’s not do-or-die, put them back and transfer the same amount of money into your savings fund for the trip. 

Sell your old things 
If you don’t need it, get rid of it! There are plenty of sites where you can sell your clothes regardless if they’re brand new and just don’t fit, or are worn in but can still be used by someone else. Designer names will sell like hotcakes if you post them online for the right price. Even if you have things stacked up in your attic like surfboards, skis, or other outdoor gear, if they’re in good enough shape, someone will take it off your hands. While going through your closet, if you find old gift cards that you don’t want, sell your gift cards to Giftcash. Put the money you make from this little venture right into your trip savings fund. 

Cancel automated payments that you don’t need
Everyone has expenses that are automatically charged to their account even if they don’t use the service every single month. They might not be individually expensive, but if for the 2 months leading up to your trip, you cancel you gym membership (that is, if you never go), your Netflix account (watch some real TV), your food box subscription like Mantry or Box, and any apps that charge you monthly that you use once in a while. Don’t try and live without something that you actually utilize every single day. If you have to shut off your cable to save up for a trip, well then be realistic with yourself, you can’t afford such a trip. It’s all about cutting back where you have the capability to cut back. Add up all the money you would have been spending on these expenses, and transfer it to your vacation fund instead. 

Pick up extra shifts 
If you have the ability to, pick up extra shifts at work or get into a few gigs before the trip. This can include anything from babysitting your neighbor’s kids on their date night, to substitute teaching on your week day off. You can even try making money online through websites like Upwork and There’s really no limit to the amount of money you can potentially make, sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day. If you go this route, you’ll be especially excited about your vacation because it’ll finally be time to relax.