While it’s your obligation to keep your house clean, the exercise can be overwhelming especially when you have kids in the house. You’ve been trying your best to keep the floor glittering, the walls spotless, and the furniture well-organized to no avail. Every time you step into your house, you are ashamed at the dirt and disorder in the house! If this is you, then you’ll need to change tack and adopt other simple habits that will boost the cleanliness of the house. The following tips are crucial in keeping your house sparkling! 

Prioritize your Work. Cleaning the house is a daunting task that requires determination and selfless devotion. If you need excellence in your house, you should make an elaborate schedule of all the activities. Make sure to start with the most crucial ones. Also, it’s advisable that you make an all-inclusive to do list template to guide all your cleaning activities. 

Make your Bed! This should be your first exercise of the day. Making the bed activates you into engaging in more house chores which consequently result in a cleaner house. Also, you should ensure that you do not store clothes and other items on top of the bed! Let the bed serve its purpose-sleeping and not storage. 

Keep your Shoes on the Rack. There is nothing as disgusting as having shoes spread all over the house. It not only paint a disorderly house but also wastes a lot of your time looking for the shoes when you need them the most! Always ensure that the shoes are on the rack. 

Put All the Clothes Away. You’re coming from your daily chores and you are really tired. So, you decide to throw your jacket on the couch as you head to the bathroom. Such actions will complicate your house cleaning efforts! Regardless of how tired you are, you should ensure that you put all the dirty clothes in laundry lounge. 

Clean the Dishes Immediately after Meals. Dirty dishes are the epitome of disorganization in the house! To prevent piling up, always ensure that you clean the dishes immediately after having the meals. After the cleaning exercise, you should dry the sink and clean the floor of the house. 

Declutter Your House. Just have what you need in the house. Everything else should be removed to increase your home space. If you are through with reading the newspaper or the magazine, find a place to store it in an orderly manner rather than throwing it under the table! All the papers in your house should be meticulously organized and filed after which you arrange them in a designated area. 

Set Aside Cleaning Days. You should have at least two intense cleaning days every month. Once you identify the days, ensure that you’ve established a house cleaning checklist to help you include everything that needs to be done to keep the house clean. You should ensure that you have all the cleaning tools and detergents before then including a vacuum cleaner, soap, and vinegar. During the D-day, ensure to use the checklist and only stop when you’re satisfied that everything has been achieved according to plan. 

Let the Entire Family Participate. You’ll slash your cleaning frustrations if you make it a family affair. Let the children understand the need to keep the house clean and orderly. If they appreciate the necessity, they will help you out in as well as become responsible in all their activities. You will never again complain of your kids littering the house and disarranging items! 

Bottom Line

Keeping the house clean is an obligation that you shouldn’t neglect. You should ensure that you remain disciplined and follow all the tips we’ve recommended herein for guaranteed results. Teaching your kids on hygiene will help you a great deal in maintaining a sparkling clean house. Let them understand the need to have a clean and orderly house and you’ll have an easy time cleaning your house!