Barcelona in Spain is a magnetic hotspot to people who are excited to visit this city. The disabled community and geriatric society are given special privileges to lead normal lifestyles.  The city welcomes physically challenged persons and the aged to feel free to navigate in the city of Barcelona. Special provisions and tech facilities are available for handicapped travelers who must need assistance to move. Online tourist guide for physically disabled is helpful to people who have mobility issues. 

New Technology for Disabled to Overtake Problems to Visit Barcelona 
 Technical shortcomings are handled by the local administration and tourist agencies of this beautiful sophisticated city in Spain. Earlier, the acceptability and accessibility were obstructive to disabled travelers. However, innovation in the society is a breakthrough in rehabilitating guys who are unfortunate due to lack of aesthete. Of late, handicap travelers are not uncomfortable to go to the popular exotic tourist centers in different parts of Barcelona. New public toilets have been constructed with availability of water.  

Disabled travelers book wheelchairs, caliper splints and other medical appliances to have smooth support. Metro stations are well equipped with ramps and elevators. Therefore , if you have problems to move, don’t regret. You should ask for assistance from others to make your trip hassle free. Airports, museums and bus terminals are modernized. The car parking lot is spacious to enable oldies to use wheel chairs. Attendants and duty bound custom officers are found doing their jobs to assist physically challenged travelers. Girona and Reus are popular aerodromes which are accessible to disabled people. 

Well Equipped Public Transport Systems and Accessories for Disabled in Barcelona 
Now-a-days, population explosion in Spain is really an issue to million people. The jam packed streets and public highways seem to be congested round the clock. Physically challenged persons with autism are not able to force their way through the crowd. Therefore, special elevators, and smooth transportation system are promoted to help weak guys to travel without discomfiture. Public buses and large size double door vehicles have ramps for easy mobility. The blind and paraplegic travelers are given ergonomic equipments to remove obstacles.  Watch the sight seeing sitting inside the bus. 

The large glass screens are transparent.  These ultra modern vehicles have superb tele-communicating systems which include surveillance camera, circuit television sets, satellite nav systems and world class road maps. If any disabled person needs a taxi to travel, he should contact the driver over mobile phone. Book taxis online fast. Get promotional discounts as a disabled customer. Barcelona tourism sectors have changed laws for reducing problems of special travelers with healthcare issues. La Rambla is a multistoried parking lot in Barcelona. It is not possible for the disabled to go upstairs due to the physical incompetence. That’s why, the owner of the car parking lot specifies the ground floor in blue color for the convenience of handicap travelers. In some cases, people with disability have to bear higher service charges to park cars in selected spots.  

Best Tourist Attractions for Disabled in Barcelona 
1. Hola BCN Public Transport Ticket
2. Barcelona Hop-on Hop-off Tour: 1 or 2- Day Ticket
3. Fast Track Entrance: Guided Tour of the Sagrada Familia
4. Sagrada Familia VIP Tower Access Guided Tour
5. 360º SkyWalk
6. Barcelona: Casa Batlló Ticket with Video/Audio tutoring 

Facility for the Blind 
The blind is deprived of seeing the sunlight. Barcelona never forgets these sweethearts who are not capable of watching the beauty of the world. However they have strong perceptions with superb cognitive power. They feel the warmth of the day and cold of the night. At large metro railway stations and bus terminals, sophisticated traffic signals, and monitoring systems have been established. The display dashboards are upgraded in Brail system. Subway stations have red markings and electronic boards. The entrance space is large and free of pressure of the crowd. 

The blind are given magnetic strips with tickets to insert into the access box. The tickets with notches and magnetic strips will come out with prominent crashing sound. The gate will be open. Besides, a number of responsible officers and attendants are seen roaming on the platform. If required, they will not hesitate to co-operate with you. In this connection, a disabled traveler can get updates by hitting Barcelona Disabled Attractions to know about the online ticket booking. Special seats are reserved for infirm travelers with physical immobility problem. Undoubtedly, you will have brilliant opportunities to stay in luxurious hotels in Barcelona to enjoy vacation.  The hotel gives shuttle vehicles to you to reach destinations on time. With times proceedings, Barcelona becomes the most advanced city for physically challenged persons who are really protected.  

Top notch travel agencies in Barcelona offer cost effective custom vacation pack for people who have lost power of mobility. Finally, get more information visiting TripIndicator as well. Have awesome Barcelona navigation guide to overtake your physical disability to mix with main stream of the society.