It is estimated that we only wear about 20% of our wardrobe on a regular basis. This means that the other 80% is left hanging in your wardrobe, and rarely seeing the light of day. You don’t mean to do this, but when you own a lot of clothing, and it isn’t displayed properly, you forget what you have. That is why seasonal wardrobes are so useful, and such a great way to use your whole wardrobe to its creative potential. All you need to do is follow these steps to start your seasonal wardrobe lifestyle today: 

What is a Seasonal Wardrobe? 
Depending on how many clothes you have, your seasonal wardrobe could have summer and winter, or it could be between summer, fall, winter, and spring collections. To carry you through each season you should have a few basics that work in every season to help you ground your look and make it part of your signature style. 

Start by De-Cluttering 
To start your seasonal wardrobe today, you will first have to complete a full audit of your clothes. Go through absolutely everything and sort it between the items you wear most often, and those you don’t. You want to be very critical of what you don’t wear often. Ask yourself why you don’t wear it. Does it not fit comfortably? Is it worn out? Do you really like it? If you don’t love it and the quality is lacking, it’s time to get rid of it.

There are a few options. If the item in question is in good condition, donate it. If the item is worn down or otherwise not likely to be bought at a second-hand store, then you should recycle the material by depositing it at one of many participating fashion brands. 

How to You Separate Your Clothes 
The items you wear most often should be a part of your year-round closet and should comprise of your favorite pieces and the fashion basics that work with everything. The second pile will then need to be sorted between season. Once everything is sorted, it’s time to store them. You will want to store them correctly so that they will survive best and, most importantly, not be eaten by moths during their time in storage. 

Tips for Buying 
When you have a seasonal wardrobe, you will automatically have fewer things in your closet at any given time. This can bring back the buying itch, and that’s okay. In order to make sure you don’t go overboard, however, you will want to place greater emphasis on what you buy. Fill out and round out your wardrobe. If you don’t have tall boots yet, then invest in a pair. Research into new wide calf boots to get inspired. If you already own a pair of black flats, you don’t need new ones. The same applies to your wardrobe. Look for new items, not for similar pieces. 

Seasonal wardrobes clear out your wardrobe without ridding yourself of your beautiful clothes. They let you be more creative and refresh your wardrobe every season with new pieces to enjoy. All you need to do is start is to have a long, hard look at what you already own and work from there.