The owners of matchmaking and marriage agencies are starting to see interracial marriages between China and Russia with an entirely new perspective. This concept has changed from the beliefs and actions of the past. 

Russian women are now posing for single Chinese men in high heels and ceremonial skirts. The men travel long distances from China to be a part of this International matchmaking service. They have already talked to these women online with the help of a translator. Golden marriage is an agent of China. They organized a trip from a city close to China called Vladivostok. Ten single Chinese men came and five of them found a future spouse through a successful match. 

Intermarriage as a part of cooperation between Russia and China

Russia and China have increased their levels of cooperation and deepened their friendship by establishing personal connections. Intermarriage has become an important part of this process. Li Hui gave a speech as a Chinese Ambassador. The speech spoke of the new era for Russia and China due to the Chinese agencies helping Chinese men meet lovely Russian women. Baidu is China's leading search engine. When the phrase China-Russia transnational marriage is entered, numerous dating opportunities are revealed for transnational marriages. 

A report by the Siberian Times showed Blagoveshchensk and the Heilongjiang Province have shown an increase in cross border marriages. The singles' tours are new, popular and an excellent way for upscale Chinese businessmen to meet Russian beauties. A Sino-Russian Transnational Marriage Fair has been created by Golden Marriage in Vladivostok. There is a lot of contact between the Chinese and Russians in this town. The women are delighted to marry Chinese men because they are family oriented and considerate. The Fair offers etiquette sessions for the Russians and Chinese. 

A new direction of intercultural marriage and matchmaking industry

The Golden Marriage business has been elevated to a national interest. The business provides singles from both countries with benefits by using the Belt and Road strategy. Intermarriage is the most effective and powerful cultural exchange. There are more marriageable men in China than women. This gender imbalance can be eliminated by Chinese men marrying Russian women. An article was released in a Russian newspaper about the shortage of Russian men. The solution appears to be the Russian blind date tour for women to marry Chinese men. 

Another article stated China has fifteen million men between 35 and 59 years of age that will be unable to find a wife prior to 2020. This is the niche for the Belt and Road program. Cross border marriages have no political limitations. Numerous Chinese matchmaking agencies are using financially successful as the only criteria for 2016 to find romance and marriage in Russia. The service is expensive but appears to be successful. Classes in customs and language are being organized by some agencies to help the Chinese men capture the interest of a Russian beauty. 

In the past, the media has published articles about China solving the issue of too many men by encouraging marriage to Slavic women. The newspapers have spoken of the controversy regarding the macho culture of Russian men in comparison to the diligence and loving, caring natures of Chinese men. This makes a Chinese man and a Russian woman an ideal couple. Chinese students who have lived in Russia believe these marriages are in the initial stages. The percentage of Russian women with the intention of marrying a man from China is still relatively small. 

Goals in Russian-Chinese marriages

One couple has been involved for almost three years. The Russian woman's friends asked why she chose a Chinese man. She said the relationship was a blessing. Many of the women from areas of Russia with less economical development are considered excellent options for Chinese men. The Chinese clients are often taken to the little cities in the far east. The women in these communities are interested in marrying a Chinese man for the financial security. The women from the first tier cities are not as likely to consider this type of match because their preference is for European men. 

There are also many Chinese women interested in marrying a foreigner. They believe the best combination is a woman from a less developed country and a man from a country with excellent economical development. Women from China have become less likely to marry a man from Russia due to the economic boom in China. There are also stereotypes against Russian men because these women have had very little contact with Russia. Despite this, the trend of cross border intermarriages between Russia and China has increased. 

China has found a haven in Russia's Far East. The entire area is only populated by 7.4 million Russians. Northeast China has a population of over 70 million people. This makes marriages between the two countries one of the latest trends. There are no exact statistics available at this time. The expectation is the services finding Russian brides for Chinese men will be very successful.