Whether you’re packing for a family vacation or a business trip, it’s always better to pack light. Packing light comes with more than just a few benefits. For instance, it allows you to get around and about more easily while saving time. But packing is a personal decision and every person has his own idea of what they think is essential for the trip. Yet by following few very basic rules, you can shed some weight and size for a convenient and comfortable trip.

To get into the main idea, here are some tips on how to pack light for your family vacation:

Make a Checklist
By making a checklist of the items you need for the trip, you can easily differentiate between what items are useful and the ones that are not. Make a list of how many shirts, trousers, and shoes you’ll need for the trip and then pack that exact number.
Think of other essentials you might need. For instance, you can add into your list, items such as your shaving kit, your medicine pouch, your sunglasses, and so on. Once your list is complete, try to stick to that list and do away that urge to add that last minute item into your bag.

Avoid Last Minute Packing
A rule of thumb when it comes to packing light is that you need to pack in advance. The main reason why the majority of people don’t travel light is that it requires planning as well as effort. And this wouldn’t be possible if you packed the last minute. Try to start packing at least a few days before the date of your trip.

Pack Your Shoes Right
Taking more than two pairs of shoes in your trip wouldn't be so necessary. Not unless you’ll be attending some business meetings or corporate events during your trip, one casual and one trendy pair of footwear should be enough.
Also, you’ll need to bear in mind that shoes tend to take lots of space. once you decide which shoes to bring, let them be the first things that go into the suitcase to minimize the space they consume.
Try Cross Packing
While traveling with your family, you can put some family member's clothing or other items in other family member’s suitcase.
And how does it help, you wonder? This would help if let’s say the bag gets misplaced during your trip or doesn’t end up on the vacation for any other reason. This will reduce a lot of stress and save your time immensely. Additionally, some family members may need to carry more stuff than others, in which distributing the weight can make your travel more convenient.

Roll Your Clothes
Instead of folding your clothes, roll them. This is going to save a lot of space in your suitcase. Pack everything close and tight where possible to save space. However, if you are trying to keep your clothes free from wrinkles, folding can be a better option. 

Use Technology
Your phone has a whole world living inside it. You can view maps on it, view movies, listen to songs, and read books. This means it allows you to save some extra space by not carrying additional items like books, iPod, laptop, and so on.

Bring a Quality Camera
Also, you’ll want to preserve your most memorable moments when vacationing. This being the case, you’ll need to remember that the best way to preserve fan memories is through photos. You’ll want to take lots of them so don’t forget to bring along a lightweight, high-quality camera with you. One or two quality digital cameras can be all you need.

Shop Light
While on the trip, try not to over-shop. Keep the souvenirs light and small. This will not only save space but also save you money. If you have kids and they’ll definitely need toys, dolls, or teddy bears to play with. Be sure to go for items that won’t consume a lot of space in the suitcase.
Packing can prove to be a tricky business. Every item might seem important and worth bringing to the trip. Packing light increases convenience and comfort during a family vacation. It also keeps you organized and minimizes the chances of losing your belongings. Most importantly, it saves you money. Especially when buying stuff for the kids online from sites such as Buildabear.com, be sure to look for discount coupons, which can help save even more money for you during the trip.