Do you have the experience of writing an essay under pressure? We mean when the time is an issue but your essay should be submitted tomorrow. This task is not easy because you aren’t familiar with the subject area and you really have no time to process a number of resources and write a top-quality essay! This situation is terrible, don’t you find? Even so, it doesn’t mean the game is up because whip-smart collegers will always land on their feet! 

This post is devoted to the explanation of the key tips enabling all kinds of students to organize their thoughts and finally write this essay and submit it on time! It is possible to create a great essay even when you are in a hurry! You can find the instructions below. 

Create a Pleasant Working Environment around You 

In very deed, your success and progress hinge on the place where you work. If you wish to do your essay in the last minute, you ought to be focused. Otherwise stated, you should eliminate all distractions (if there are any). We mean your too loud roomies, your smartphone, tablet, interesting books, anything which distracts you. 

Your desk should be clear and your chair should be convenient. You shouldn’t eat while writing because food also distracts your attention. Following this recommendation, you’ll notice that your productivity will be improved and you’ll create a perfect workspace which will inspire you! 

It doesn’t mean you should do a deep cleaning of the whole house; you shouldn’t do this because it will only take your time. You’ll get tired and won’t have the desire to settle down to your task. 

You can also put a calm music on, which will help you doze at the wheel, stop thinking of other tasks or activities and finally focus on what you really need to do. 

Check the Guidelines of Your Tutor 

Some students consider that checking the guidelines is time-sapping. Yet still, they are mistaken because usually, teachers explain what students should do step by step. All these explanations are hidden in the guidelines. Do you understand the task? Sometimes, it is half the battle! 

Your teacher can provide you with the approximate plan of writing. When you have this plan, you can be more productive. You shouldn’t spend time on creating it by yourself. You can embark on thinking of your thesis statement instead of creating the draft. 

What about the Outline? 

This tip has two sides of the same coin. At a glance, seems like you shouldn’t spend time on the creation of your outline. You don’t have enough time, the deadline is short and instead of immersing yourself in writing, you spend so precious minutes on your outline. Partially, you are right because some scholars exaggerate the importance of this stage. Its key objective is to help you stay focused, organize ideas and concepts and just create an approximate draft which should be followed. As a result, you create a framework of your essay which allows you to be undistracted. 

Nevertheless, not all collegers can do without an outline. Even if they are pressed for time, they can’t create a top-quality essay without an approximate plan. For that reason, no one but you can render a correct decision. If it is of vital importance for you, you should find a few minutes and craft it. If you are a sophisticated writer, you can create it in your head and just follow your thoughts. You can use this tip only when you can warrant that you’ll easily cope without it. 

Embark on Writing When You are Inspired 

When you create a pleasant working environment where nobody takes you off work, you’ll be inspired! When you analyze all resources and finally understand what aspects should be covered, you can embark on writing. Don’t check every sentence. If you have a desire to write and you are aware of all ideas which should be developed, just do it! You’ll proofread it after your essay is ready. Right now, you should be focused on writing. 

Some scholars recommend writing an introduction first. Nevertheless, this approach is incorrect (especially when you are pressed for time). An introductory part should be catching and even intriguing. Otherwise stated, you should think of the strategy before you start writing. It will be easier for you to start covering your main ideas (writing the central paragraphs). After that, you can add your prelude and concluding parts. 

What about Asking for Help? 

The fastest solution is not to be ashamed of asking someone to help. In this scenario, there are a few variants. One of them is to talk to your roomie, friend, colleague or groupmate. Maybe, they are more experienced writers than you are. Your colleague can be a creative person, whose hobby is writing. If this task is urgent, you can ask him to create a prelude or a concluding part for you. As a result, you'll get your task done faster. Nevertheless, there is one pitfall – this person should be aware of the subject area of your essay. Alternatively stated, this person should either study with you or be familiar with the subject. 

There is another solution! Have you ever ordered homework or other papers from academic writing firms? If your answer is negative, the time has come to do this. Firstly, they specialize in this industry and offer a fair opportunity to get through this task faster. Secondly, they guarantee an upscale result and even when the deadline is too short, they will find a real man of letters, able to comply with your demands. In this scenario, you'll spend only a few minutes to place your order and get an email with a written essay attached to it. 

Search for Resources in the Web Environment 

The work on resources is the most time-sapling process but you can't skip it. All resources should be formatted in accordance with the standard citation rules. 

Some instructors are very fastidious and check each resource from your list of references with great deliberation. You don't want to destroy your reputation with a badly-constructed list of references, do you? Nevertheless, you have no time to visit your local libraries. 

To change the situation and speed up the literature processing, you can find trustful online resources. In these latter days, there is a myriad of online libraries and educational websites. Thus, you can base your essay on them. You have access to the web environment being anywhere in the world. For that reason, you can lie on your bad in a dorm room and pick up the best online resources. Commonly, lots of online resources publish the latest investigations of modern scholars. That is why you can find current news regarding your topic online. 

Now you can share the secrets of fast essay writing with your groupmates. In sober fact, it is always possible to find the way out. Sometimes, you can't predict what will happen tomorrow and you can't plan everything. That's why use our techniques and never give up, even if you think you won't cope!