The SEO ecosystem is complex, huge, and continuously growing. Content strategy isn’t as easy as it once was only a few short years ago. Before, you could type a couple of paragraphs of keyword-stuffed web ‘content’ and it would rank on the first page of the Google search results. Now, that’s not the case.

In 2018, ranking on Google is much more difficult, but certainly not impossible. However, it takes time, dedication, and skill. Writing content is hardly the same as crafting an email to say, your supplier, or even the type of writing you did in freshman English. Content and copy writing service is a specific skillset that requires advanced expertise and up-to-date knowledge on what kind of articles Google wants to see.

Hint: it’s not short, keyword-stuff posts.

If you want viewers to take your business seriously, and position yourself as an expert in your niche, read on for the three reasons why professional copywriting is essential for your marketing strategy in 2018.

1.      Copy, or content, is what people will see when they Google your business or product.

Almost 90% of consumers will research a company or product online before making a purchasing decision. Furthermore, the majority of users are turned-off of a company if they have no web presence or an unprofessional one. Do you want people who are interested in your brand to Google you, and find something terribly written or worse, come upon a blank page?

In the digital age, people want and need to see relevant, valuable information about your business before they will buy. If you don’t have engaging content or copy available for your viewers to interact with, you’ll lose out on sales. Your target customer is going to go where the good content is; your competitors website.

2.      Professional copywriters know the winning formula for content that is engaging and compelling for readers.

Knowing how to write copy that will compel the viewer to take action requires deep, technical knowledge of the power of the written word, human psychology, and search engine optimization. It’s a highly-sought after skill because serious businesses know how incredibly powerful good copywriting is; it gets the reader to buy or take an otherwise desired action.
Investing in a skilled copywriter will get your site to rank, increase your conversion rates, and build your brand awareness. You want to be seen as an expert in your niche, and stellar copy is the way to build that relationship and trust with your target audience.

3.      It’s easy and painless.

Copywriting takes time and dedication to get the formula right. As a business owner, your time is stretched thin, and learning a new, complex skill like copywriting in addition to SEO and keyword research takes years to master. 

Like most business owners, you don’t have the wherewithal or desire to take on another do-it-yourself project. By hiring a professional copywriter or team of copywriters, your content strategy is taken care of for you. You don’t have to research, write, and optimize the content. Your hired copywriters can start and finish writing and posting content for your website while you sleep.

Without a professional copywriting strategy in place for your business, your customers are less likely to take you seriously. Your competitors understand the importance of investing in their business with sophisticated and polished copy. If you let this crucial and quintessential part of your marketing strategy fall by the wayside, you’ll get buried in the Google search results and you’ll lose out on revenue and a growing customer base.

Consumers have gotten far more sophisticated in recent years, and they’ve come to expect well-written, relevant content that inspires them and compels them to interact with brands. By hiring a professional copywriter, you’ll be delivering what your customers want, and they’ll trust you as an expert who cares about their deepest problems and knows how to solve them.