The wedding is a sacred ceremony which is performed in order to combine two beings into one, possibly and hopefully for eternity. This ceremony is being performed for decades and is probably going to be performed for much longer.

It may be performed in different manners in different cultures through different generations, but it still has the main point of celebrating the joyous moment when the bride and groom are bound together as husband and wife to live their version of happily ever after. 

Weddings even though being a sacred ceremony are supposed to be fun. An event where you can dance with all abandon and have as much fun as possible without it being disastrous.

The preparation for it may be the most stressful event taking place, possibly leading you to have post-traumatic stress disorder, but when the actual ceremony starts, the moment when bride and groom have reached the altar and are ready to say their vows. That is the moment when the ride actually starts. It has the potential of making you cry and then laugh and then cry and then laugh again. 

Even though every wedding is an important event for the bride and groom you still have to make sure that your wedding is the most unique one out there because you want it to be memorable, for yourself and your guests to make sure that you have some fun stories to tell your grandchildren in the future to make yourself-look cool. 

Funny Marriage Advice: Your wedding is the most important day of your life no matter who you are or where you are or who you think you are, so treating it as such would be the best thing you would ever do. 

1. Ideas which can make your wedding fun and unique are:

Your grandmother's can be your bridesmaids. Even if you don't have grandmothers round up a few of your aunts or some old ladies you are close to and make them your bridesmaids, because trust me there is no one else out there who can perform this duty better than those darlings. 

They will make sure you reach the altar on time, and also have as much fun as possible.

2. Wedding favors:
Set up a bar of sweets of all kinds at the exit so that the guests can fill up on them as their goody bags instead of giving them some other boring wedding favors.

3. Flip-flops:
If you are having a summer wedding then what is better than providing the guests with comfortable footwear to dance as long and as hard as possible.
4. Food:
Prepare a menu with all the food items or cuisines which remind you of the important landmarks of your love life or it can also consist of food items which make you reminisce about your own and your partner's childhood.  Make sure you have small placards along with every dish you serve to let your guests be a part of your journey too. 

Weddings, even though being a sacred ceremony, supposed to be fun. An event where you can dance with all abandon and have as much fun as possible and these four ideas would make sure that you can add a little unique twist to your fun.