The word God is spiritual, intellectual and calming. Temples, the seats of God are beautiful creations. Bangkok’s temples are majestic and old, bringing to you, history’s treasure! Why not book flight tickets from Bangalore to Bangkok and enjoy the spiritual aura?

Bangkok has over 400 temples all spread around the landscape. Some are popular and frequently visited. Buddha temples being their place of worship when in Bangkok, you must place your feet inside these divine structures of architecture.

1. Wat Phra Kaew
It’s the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and is also the most famous temple. Very much visited by locals and tourists, its speciality that holds us in awe is the 66 cm tall Emerald Buddha carved into a block of Jade. This divine embodiment was discovered in 1464 in Chiang Rai and then was shifted to Bangkok. The temple has a 2 km long gallery holding mural paintings of 178 scenes from the Ramayana with precise and minute details incorporated in it. They are also known for the huge golden chedi of Phra Sri Rattana on a one-baht coin. Tall chedis are found all over the place, and these chedis are covered by golden leaves or glazed tiles. The temple closes at 3 pm, charges an entrance fee of minimum 400 baht and insists on a dress code of long sleeved tops and full-length bottoms.

2. Wat Pho
Now, here is the one with the reclining Buddha. This temple is named after a monastery in India where Buddha is to have had a residence at. This place of worship is also one of the oldest and biggest temples in the capital. It holds a 15 m tall, and 43 m long Buddha image which has gold leaf covers and is encrusted with exquisite mother-of-pearl decorations of 4 m. Right next to this temple, you can find the Grand Palace. Wat Pho has 4 amazing chedis which are to honour four Chakri kings. Wat Pho has one thousand images of Buddha and 91 stupas or chedis which include the above mentioned four chedis. The first Thai massage school was opened by Wat Pho and is a part of the Traditional Medical Practitioners Association Center right outside the temple. This medical centre is situated in an open-air hall. The charge of the entrance fee is around 100 baht. Wat Pho is just the abbreviation of the temple’s full name- Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhlaram Ratchaworamahawihan.

3. Wat Saket
Famous for its golden chedi of the Golden Mountain, natively called Phu Khao Thong, this temple is built on top of a hill in the capital. This temple has a huge disturbing history. The temple was first built by King Rama III when this attempt failed because of the collapse of the chedi. The cause was the soft nature of the ground. King Rama IV and Rama V continued his predecessor’s work and rebuilt the golden chedi in the same place and on top of the failed remains. To reach the location of the Buddha relic from India in this temple, 300 steps need to be spanned by legs.

4. Wat Traimit
This temple has an elegant touch to it with its wondrous architecture. It has been built as a multilevel white and gold temple with the huge Buddha seated inside it. The largest of Buddha relics, it is made of solid gold. It is five m high and weighs 5.5 tons. It was made during the 13th or 14th century and was covered by coatings of stucco and plaster till 1955 when it was discovered by chance. The entry fee charged is only for the museum which is halfway through to the Buddha. Worshipping and visualizing the Buddha is free of charge.

5. Wat Arun
It is the Temple of Dawn, built in the seventeenth century. It lay on the banks of the river Chao Phraya and was named Wat Arun Ratchawaram Ratchawaramahawihan.  It has a central tower of a Khmer style, called the Prang. This tower is surrounded by four other towers smaller and encrusted with faience. A balcony was also constructed and the stairs to reach it has been made steep making it easier to climb up than the other way. The view of the sunset from the balcony is breathtaking. You can find it opposite to Wat Pho and the Grand Palace in the capital. Transport options to the temple include ferrying across Chao Phraya to Maharaj Pier. Their fee for entrance is 50 baht.

6. Marble Temple
Wat Benchamabophit Dusitwanaram Ratchaworawihan is a temple made out of Italian white marble. Designed by the half-brother of King Rama V, Prince Naris, the temple is guarded by magnanimous and mesmerizing stone lions and magnificent stone pillars. You can see the main Buddha statue, 25 images of Buddha in various styles and also the Bodhi tree from India.

Visit the temples, seek the Supremes’ blessings and have a peek into the spirituality of Bangkok. Book flight tickets from Bangalore to Bangkok today!