People today have become much more conscious of healthy eating, so packed lunches are rather commonplace. And as it is with any popular trend, boxed lunches have become fashionable. There are actual food stylists today who advise the best ways to make your food look most appealing, as reported by the Independent

The current popularity of the Japanese culture and its inherent obsession with bento boxes also help increase the number of people who pack their own lunches to work. Most importantly, this trend also serves to push the evolution of packed lunches from simple sandwiches in brown paper bags to healthy fashion statements.

How to Make Your Packed Lunch Fashionable and Healthy

Choose a stylish container

The lunch boxes of today are miniature works of art that range from eco-friendly containers made from recycled materials to metal thermos containers that will keep your food pleasantly warm or cold. These bags and boxes come in all styles and colors, so you can truly express your style or even let your inner child out to play by choosing a colorful Star Wars lunch box.
Those who are fans of classic elegance would definitely love leather lunch bags. These are fashioned after regular brown paper bags, but are eco-friendly and look chic. This type of bag will be a great choice if you want to show off a variety of lunch containers and get creative with your foods.

That’s a problem with traditional lunch and bento boxes. These items are restrictive in size and shape, so some of your culinary masterpieces might not fit. With a fashionable lunch bag, you can use containers of varied shapes and sizes, including glass jars. Stylish mason jar meals have spawned an entirely new branch of recipes that put as much focus on taste as they do on looks.

Coordinate your meal by colors

The Healthy Living Magazine reports that various nutrition professionals agree that eating colorful foods boosts your health. Natural colorings are nature’s way of saying ‘eat this, it’s good for you’. Every color has its own benefits, for example, orange fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin. Red and purple foods, on the other hand, contain nutrient combos that have a potent antioxidant effect and help protect from stroke and many other dangerous diseases.

Considering this, color-coordinating your packed lunches can provide you with a variety of health benefits as well as make your meal look fantastic. Don’t forget that eating a colorful lunch can also boost your mood.

Don’t forget about soup

Packed lunch allows you to get that essential hot liquid meal that is soup. Choosing it over sandwich will help with weight loss as well as boost your stomach health. Today you can take a few lessons from the oriental cooks and make a soup lunch jar that will look fantastic and warm you up on many levels.

The simplest way to go about it is to put some noodles (instant or pre-cooked) at the bottom of the jar. Then, add some miso paste or a different paste that will server as a flavor base for your dish. A few slices of chicken and some sesame seeds with sauce later you’ll have a layered lunch that looks positively delicious.

Once at work you add some hot water and voila, your hot noodle soup lunch is ready. Take a pair of chopsticks and dig into your healthy meal while looking elegant and sophisticated.