Gift giving can be more stressful than it should be when the person you’re buying for seems to have everything already. You want to get them something they’ll use, but you either can’t imagine what that could possibly be, or you don’t know them well enough to know anything they could possibly want. For people like this, it’s easy to buy something generic, but aren’t those generic gifts just a waste of money? If you want your gift to stand out, pick from the list of these last-minute-i-don’t-know-what-to-get-you-but-I-want-it-to-be-awesome gifts. 

1. A bottle of wine 
Even if you have no idea if this person enjoys wine or not, a nice bottle is always something good to have in the house. They can enjoy it with their significant other over dinner one night or bring it out when they have guests over. Put a little bow on it to make it look pretty and hand it on over. You can’t go wrong with gifting alcohol 

2. Edible Arrangements
Another gift that’s hard to mess up. Edible arrangements are tasty and pretty. If your going to this persons house for a get together or party, bring on over a dessert that’s a little bit fancier than a homemade cake. It shows you went out of your way and spend a little $ on them. 

3. Funny Coffee Mug
These funny coffee mugs are a sure thing when it comes to giving a gift. It doesn’t matter if this person drinks coffee everyday, tea once in a while, or just hot chocolate in the wintertime. Everyone can use a funny coffee mug. This website in particular has some awesome quotable mugs, so you’re bound to find something that fits the gift receivers personality. 

4.Yeti Tumbler
If you’re totally stumped, go with this fallback gift. They’re going to love it and they’re going to love you. The Yeti tumbler is a top of the line drink holder that keeps your beverage at pretty much whatever temperature you first poured it in. If they’re an outdoors person or even like to hangout on the beach, this gift is a great fit. 

Gift cards are the ultimate I-don’t-know-what-to-get-you gift, but sometimes they’re better than a physical product. You can never go wrong with getting this person a gift card to the local coffee shop or even a resturaunt in town that they’re bound to like. It could give them a night out or an experience they never would have had if it weren’t for you. 

6.Yankee Candle
Candles are a universal gift and can be given for just about any occasion. Everyone loves a good candle to spruce up his or her home and match the current season. If you’re in a pinch, hit up Yankee Candle and get one of their new release scents. 

7.   A Fuzzy Blanket
Blankets are especially good gifts in the wintertime. You can’t go wrong with a throw that’s so comfortable you could fall asleep just touching. You can buy these with express shipping on Amazon, or go to your local Target to pick one up. 

8. Scarf 
A totally fool proof gift for a woman you barely know is a well-made scarf. Scarfs aren’t something that you can really mess up. They don’t come in many styles and as long as you stay away from crazy patterns, odds are it’s going to match with an outfit the person already has. Keep it basic, keep it quality, and you’re good to go. 

9.Go to the Body Shop
Stores like the Body Shop have a million and one options when it comes to beauty products, creams, lotions, soaps, and bath accessories. They’ll even help you put a little gift basket together. 

Gift giving for the people you either barely know or simply seem to have everything can be hard. Don’t be ashamed to go with a fallback gift, they’re foolproof and totally gift giving worthy.