There has been a push to reduce screen time for children under the argument that lack of physical interactions turn them into social and emotional misfits. Parents want their children to cut back on time spent on online games. 

Are online games all that bad as they are made to seem? Are they the stumbling blocks keeping your son away from being successful? Not at all! Giving your child access to online games that are engaging can help them in developing life skills and boost their performance in class too. There are some Rare Video Games that could be helpful. Games offer more interactive options than the traditional classroom setup can. The games can range from teaching simple academic ideals to imparting diverse life skills and nurturing their passion for learning.

Here are eight examples of such educative online games:

Dora’s Cooking Club
Dora is almost every young girl’s favorite cartoon character. She in now here to help your child learn about numbers, shapes and some Spanish as she and her grandmother prepare a meal.

Mind Snacks
There is no better time for one to learn a new language than when they are still a child. Your child can get to learn different languages such as Spanish and German on Mind Snacks.

Mindblown Life
Mindblown Life game equips teenagers with money management skills, something parents have failed to hammer into the heads of their spendthrift teens. Multiple players have to interact with each other in the game as they attempt to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives. The goal is to avoid overspending on the available financial resources. 

Dragon Box
Algebra has never been most people’s cup of tea. In school, children just go through the mechanicals without trying to understand the concepts in algebra. Assignments have to be completed, on time, after all. Dragon Box aims to make that a thing of the past. It makes learning algebra exciting and cool. The upside is that kids often play it without being aware of the mathematical problems they are solving while at it. 

Code Spells
If you want your child to grow up to be a coder, you don’t have to wait till they join high school just because the lower levels don’t teach coding. With Code Spells, learning how to code turns into a pastime activity, not an extra class on their already congested schedule. The coding language used in the game is Java.
The website gives children Do It Yourself projects through which they learn a variety of skills and also the opportunity to show their creativity to their peers. They get to learn how to solve problems and how to be independent and resourceful. 

Game Star Mechanic
Game Star Mechanic takes online learning to another level. It gives children the opportunity to make their own games and then share them with others to play. This not helps your child creative thinking, but also teaches them to follow through ideas with actual action. The Game Star community’s 250,000 plus designers have had their games played over 5 million times, if their website is to be believed. The platform has also been used by schools in fulfilling STEM requirements. 

Scribble Naughts
This is a game for kids in the age bracket of 8 to 11 to learn creative problem solving skills through scenarios that involve creativity, logic and spelling.