Dogs are naturally creatures of activities - always love moving, running, and playing. But most of all, they love doing these things with their beloved owner. As it is, why not take full advantage of the condition available and make the sweet doggy your gym-partner? 

After all, doing exercises together will not only be good for your and your pup’s health, but it also helps to enhance the bond between you two.

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Just to be sure, before starting any exercise program, you should take the fluffy buddy to the clinic to have a quick check on his health. And maybe the vet could give you some useful advice about which physical training program best suits him in accordance with his gender, age, breed’s characteristics, as well as your time budget and house-space capacity.

If you’re considering a lot of outdoor exercises with your dog, you may want to consider cutting his hair or claws a bit, too. After all, you wouldn’t want the happy mood of a fun day together be eclipsed by fur, mud, and dirt stains on over the floors (and walls) as he shakes when you two get back home, would you?

Oh, and don’t forget the treat! Your little partner would love some motivations between poses. And the toys, too! – In case the darling becomes mischievous and prefers distracting you during the workout process.

Which Exercises to Do with Your Dog?

Indoor Running
Does your house have stairs or bleachers? If so, excellent! Just running up and down the steps with your yipping buddy is beneficial enough to your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Outdoor Running
Dogs are outgoing animals. That’s why once you take him out for a morning run around the neighborhood or an evening walk in the park, he won’t let you dodge the routine easily. He’ll bark, whine, wag his bushy tail, and look at you with big puppy eyes just to get you out of your slothful state and do the workout with him.
So, as you can see, one benefit when working out with your dear pooch is that his genuine enthusiasm could change even your laziest attitude. In other words, he inspires and motivates you to keep both of your well-being in good condition.


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It’s reported that you can burn off 500+ calories, as well as build your leg muscles, every hour you employ this type of exercise. As for your dog, a sport like this stimulates the brain to release a hormone called serotonin, which helps him to relax (especially if he is restless or aggressive recently).

Not to mention, while you are pedaling, your dog won’t have to wait for you every four, energetic steps. Nor will you have to worry about the wholeness of your arm every time the overeager pal is yanking the leash too hard you think your arm is going to be pulled off.

It is unwise to have a walk or cycling on the heated roads if the weather is too hot, for dogs don’t sweat like us humans do. Instead, why don’t you both cool down with water exercises?

Unlike cats, dogs don’t find water repulsive. On the contrary, they love it. So it’s advisable to bring your pup out to a dog-friendly pool and dive into the water with him (and his favorite toy balls).

Yoga is beneficial for both physical and mental health. And since dogs are man’s best friends, this type of exercise is helpful to them as well. Besides, isn’t it much more fun when you can do yoga together with your sweet puppy? Hence, “Doga” is invented.

During this special workout process, you and your lovely pooch can practice together as partners. Close contact is a must in Doga, as you will massage him or help him try some simple poses.

Of course he might or might not always (if at all) mimic your poses, but while being close to one another, relaxing together, you’re practicing the essential point of Doga. It is to strengthen the bond and trust between you and your pet, as well as maintain good health for both parties.

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Pups of each breed, size, age group, and general health have different needs for exercises. But it is best that both puppy and owner make time for some physical activities together – at least 30 minutes to 2 hours per day.

Many owners nowadays don’t have much free time for their beloved doggy. That’s why you should make the most of your time with him however best you can. Make it meaningful and unforgettably joyous so that every day is worth looking forward to together.