There’s nothing wrong with admitting you’re not where you want to be in life and aren’t truly satisfied with how you’re living. Recognizing this fact is the first step to you living a better life and becoming happier and healthier. 

Now is the time to stop lying to yourself and to start taking action that’s going to help you reach your goals and be at peace once and for all. 

Finding your happy place isn’t as difficult as you may think, but it does take additional work on your part. Learn the simple secrets that will have you complaining less and doing what it takes to make positive changes in your life. 

Find A Job You Love
Life is short, and it’s not worth staying where you are because it’s convenient. Being lazy or refusing to get a new job when you’re miserable where you are isn’t good for your mental health. You need to be properly challenged and feel upbeat about what you’re doing each day at work. Spend time figuring out your passion and going for a position that allows you to work in a career that satisfies you. It’ll be worth the time and energy when you finally find a job that showcases your talents and puts a smile on your face. 

Find your Independence 
One way to become a happier and healthier person is to find your independence. This could mean moving out of your parent’s house and getting a place of your own. This will also force you to learn how to pay your bills and buy yourself a car. Understanding how to maintain a livelihood on your own will help you grow in confidence and be beneficial in the long run as you will establish yourself in your own right. Take your time finding a vehicle you can afford that you’ll also truly enjoy. This doesn’t have to blow your budget, as you can shop around for options like used trucks and vehicles that fit your lifestyle and will have you feeling on top of the world. Taking all of these kinds of steps will give you a sense of responsibility, and you’ll to learn and grow on your own. 

Cook for yourself
What you put in your body affects your frame of mind and how you feel on a daily basis. Get in the habit of cooking for yourself and knowing exactly what you’re putting in your body. Choose ingredients that are healthy and nutritious so you have more natural energy and can focus throughout the day. Preparing your own food also gives you more control of your portion size then if you were to eat out at a restaurant. You may also come to find that cooking is a fun hobby you enjoy doing, which will naturally make you feel happier. 
Manage your Stress & Emotions
Walking around stressed out and overwhelmed is taxing on your mind and body. Avoid this situation by working through your worries and emotions in a healthy manner. Talk to trusted friends and family members or a therapist about what’s going on in your life and anything that’s bothering you. Find ways to cope with your feelings like meditating, journaling or going for long walks to reflect. You’ll be a lot happier and healthier when your mind isn’t racing, and you learn how to handle your emotions appropriately. 

Hang around Uplifting People
Who you hang out with has a major impact on your life and how you feel and function each day. Spend time with individuals who are positive and cheer you on when you’re trying to accomplish goals in your life. Don’t waste your breath or energy conversing or being around those who are negative and don’t have anything nice to say. Pay attention to how you’re spending your free time and who you’re choosing to engage with at work. Make any necessary adjustments and see how quickly your life and mood improves.
Get Good Sleep
You should put getting enough sleep at the top of your priority list if you want to become a happier and healthier person. You’ll find you have more natural energy, are happier overall and can function at your best when you’re well rested. Configure your bedroom for proper sleep and make sure to unplug from your devices in enough time before you want to fall asleep. Consider taking a hot shower or drinking warm tea instead of using your electronics so close to bedtime. When you get proper sleep, you’ll find you do a better job at work and don’t have to rely on caffeine to get you through the day. 
Always Make Time for Exercise
You have to get up and move more if you want to feel good about yourself and be happy. Exercise releases the happy chemicals in your brain that allows you to experience true joy and contentment. Find a gym you like, try a new workout class or go running outdoors and soak up the sunshine and release any tension you’re feeling after a long day of work. It doesn’t matter what daily exercise you’re doing as long as you’re getting your heart rate up and making yourself work. 

Spend Time Outside
Nature has a way of instantly lifting your mood and making you feel better about life in general. Spend more time outside walking, hiking and reflecting on your day or whatever is on your mind at the time. Take in the sights, sounds and smells around you and witness how your worries and cares quickly fade away. You should especially take advantage of being outdoors when the weather is nice, and you can enjoy the beautiful and warm sunshine. Also, instead of staring at your computer on your lunch break, get outside and go for a short walk to blow off steam and burn some calories.  

Being happy and healthy is possible, but it does take effort on your part. Use these tips to get you started in the right direction and heading down a path to finding peace and satisfaction in your life. You may surprise yourself at just how much joy you find when you put yourself first and do what brings you pleasure on a daily basis.