Instagram is one of the leading online social networks, with more than 800 million users. It hosts an astonishing 40 billion images and that number is growing swiftly. But Instagram isn’t just there to browse through when you’re bored at work.

It can serve a real purpose of bringing you a daily dose of your interests in pictures. There are accounts that post motivational content that aims to help their audiences lead a better life. Follow these accounts and you’ll be presented with fresh new content that motivates you every day.

Motivation can come through a variety of means, so we’ve picked accounts which post content that is insightful and helps you move forward. If you're interested in growing your base, you can consider how to buy Instagram followers.

1. Female Collective (@femalecollective)
Even in this modern day and age, there’s a huge debate going on about the privileges the male gender enjoys over its female counterpart. In many walks of life women have to put extra effort just to get on equal standing with men. 

This account is a great source of daily inspiration for women who’re finding life to be a little challenging owing to gender complexities. It promotes the talents and abilities of women and wants to show that they’re just as good as men when it comes to just about anything in life.

2. Humans of New York (@humansofny)
Motivation can come from anywhere, including seeing how other people deal with their own unique challenges and experiences in life. Humans of New York are a hugely popular Facebook page and this Instagram account is able to capture the content of that page perfectly. The Small Business Blog has something to share with you regarding Instagram and its promotions.

The owner photographs regular human beings and documents their life’s experiences in a beautiful manner. The variety of stories here includes heart-warming stories as well as those which make you feel about how much harder life can be.

3. H&DF Magazine (@HDFMagazine)
Starting and running your own business can be a tough proposition. Many business owners work thanklessly in the aim of building something they can call their own. H&DF Magazine addresses these business owners and regularly publishes articles, stories and pictures that encourage them to move forward. So even if you’re just browsing through your feed, you’ll stumble on something that motivates you to keep faith and work even better towards the success of your business.

4. Achieve the Impossible (@achievetheimpossible)
Do words move you? Achive the Impossible is an Instagram account that regularly publishes motivational quotes to keep you moving forward while facing many of life’s challenges. There’s something in this account for everyone. It’s full of feel-good motivation that will inspire positivity in you. The account’s focus seems to be on businesses but you can use the same words and apply to your daily routine.

5. ZigZiglar (@thezigziglar)
ZigZiglar’sInstagram account is all about making you feel positive about whatever you’re going through. It focuses on many aspects of life including family, work and business. It’s a great way to start off your day as well, filled with positive energy and motivation to take on life with a smile on your face.

6. You Are Luminous (@youareluminous)
This account is for recognizing your spiritual self and finding meaning behind life’s events. It isn’t necessarily an account for motivation, rather it encourage introspection that ultimately leads to a different sort of positivity that can be sustained in even the hardest of times.

7. Motivation Mafia (@motivationmafia)
Motivation Mafia is one of the oldest Instagram accounts to focus purely on motivational quotes. It is regularly updated with fresh material which encourages you to look deep into life’s experiences and learning from them. It’s a great place to find inspiration and to keep your stresses at bay.