If you are looking for an alternative to traditional house, then condos can be a great option for both experienced and first time house buyers. Condo is short name of condominium and is quite different from apartments and residential properties. Condo is basically a property which is divided into several units owned each separately. 

Condos are not rented on lease but they are owned by house buyers. This type of real estate property has all amenities and common utilities including hearing system, air conditioner, balcony, walkways and much more. This is one of the main reasons because of which more and more people are prefer buying condos; in fact they are not so costly as well. 

Buying a house property like condo can be great fun and exciting, especially if you are buying it for the very first time. Los Angeles is one of the few best places to invest in condominium and here you will definitely lots of top la condos available in different patterns and with best infrastructure. There are many things that you should keep in mind while buying a condo such as your budget, family needs, location etc. 

Tips for buying first condo – Although, buying a condo sounds exciting but at the same time it can be little stressful and time consuming. So, to overcome any such issue here is some of the best tips which you can consider if you are buying your first condo: 

Take advice from a real estate agent - The paper work is quite different for condo if compared with residential property. In fact, the purchase contract is not same and contingencies are also different. Not only this, most of the condo communities even require signed contract along with prior sales contract. Due to this, it becomes much important that one should take advice from real estate agent. Since, they are experienced and familiar with all rules and regulations so will guide throughout the process. Real estate agents can even help you in getting best condos for sale in Los Angeles

Be familiar with rules - Before buying a condo it is important that you should know about the rules and what community rules actually are. You must pay attention around rules like parties, pet, smoking and noise. This is one of the main reasons because of which you must know community rules such that they can align with lifestyle. 

Know the association fees - One of the most important tips which you cannot afford to miss is condo association fees. In most of the condo communities, monthly, bi annually, annually or quarterly fees is required. Association fees are used for covering common expenses like maintenance and insurance. Association fees even impact whether buyer can afford condo or not. In fact, you should even ask community about association fees and how it will be divided. 

Along with association fees, you must also know that what it exactly include such as additional amenities like snow removal, lawn maintenance, water sewer services, landscaping, trash pickup etc.