Are you trying to obtain crab, but your local area doesn’t have any available? In this guide, we’ll show you how to buy crab online so that you can continue to enjoy this beautiful sea crustacean.

If you live near a good coastal community, check out where the nearest fisherman’s wharf is and go there to obtain the freshest catch. If possible, you should buy from them when they are in season as you’ll have the most naturally made crab available. 

Live and fresh crab are the best kind regardless of the species. If you plan on living near the coast, obtaining fresh, live crab is no problem. But, there’s an even better option for those who don’t live near coastal areas. You’re able to buy fresh crab online without having to worry about their freshness and preservation quality. 

Check Their Stock
Look for an online vendor or an online fish market that has a high turnover of their food stock. Any lobster, shellfish, or crustaceans that are marketed live tend to be highly perishable, and after they leave the sea, they stop eating. The more they go without eating, the more weight they lose and the less meat you'll find inside their shells. 

As we stated earlier, buy your crabs from local waters if they are in season.  Getting it overseas might take more time as it will take the fishermen longer to go from catching the crab to it reaching your plate, and your selection will be less meaty and less robust. 

Buy Locally if Possible
And these purchases made in your region is less expensive than those a thousand miles away. A good example of a good place to buy fresh crab online is Crab Place since they have fast shipping. And they have a fresh selection. So, if you must purchase crabs through an online store. 

Look for lively, active crabs that are moving around and avoid ones that appear sluggish. As a rule of thumb, the crab's meat is around ¼ of its weight. When held in your hand, the shell should be hard and sturdy to ensure that it has juicy meat, instead of a light one that only has a strong shell behind it. 

Check Your Crab and Their Environment
You always want to check if your crab is moving and active, such as those being sold in New York City. Also look at the crab’s holding tank - Don’t buy a crab from a tank that has algae on its walls or murky water. And check to see if your tank contains an aerator to help maintain the correct oxygen levels. 

If possible, you should buy a female crab because they have more meat and sometimes contain roe. However, not all online markets allow for the sale of female crabs, so you’ll have to ask your fishmonger for the best quality crabs available.

Remember, to buy fresh crab online; you have to make sure that they are from a reputable company that keeps them well preserved and catches them while they're still fresh. 

When looking online, always try to find the stores who sell them at an affordable price while showing pictures of the crab to ensure that their "online" quality will be the same once it's placed at your doorstep. Conclusively, research thoroughly and take the time to ensure that your online brought crabs are a great meal during dinner time.