There’s a reason why people take time away from their confined office cubicles and recharge with outdoor holidays. 

Being outside in the open nature has proven to be a great way for people to reconnect to the environment like our ancestors who grew up and evolved in open outdoor natural settings.

There are many positive aspects and benefits for working outside both on the workers mental states and physical bodies.

Different jobs require different work environments to be productive and get the most work done for your boss or company. 

It was once thought that being confined in a office space or cubical with no outside distractions was the most productive environment to get the most work complete. Now new studies are showing that working more closely connected to nature and organic environments actually has a greater impact on humans both on their health which carries over to the amount of work they get done. 

We only have to look at some of the world's most profitable leading organisations such as Google to see they too are embracing this fact that people need environments that are not stagnant and sterile to perform that the top of their game over longer periods of time. Google has taken the fact that humans thrive in these natural environments to the next level. Their office buildings and work environments have been designed by to maximise the amount of natural trees, plants, open space and even have added aquariums to give their workers the sense they are working in a natural outdoor setting. 

Do these designs actually have a positive overall effect on workers? You bet. That’s why Google is designing more and more office spaces like these for their workers. Although these designs are considerably more expensive than standard office block designs Google has realised that spending the extra money up front will come back later down the track as their employees will outperform the competition and therefore the money will be recouped. 

Working amongst the environment
What about actually getting your hands dirty and swapping the office cubicle for an outdoors job? 
This is arguably even better for the overall health of humans. Why? It’s no secret that the human body was not supposed to sit down all day in an upright position staring at screens. The human body has evolved over millions of years to move slowly and constantly by walking for long periods and occasionally running or sprinting to catch food and hunt. 

What are the ideal jobs for the human body
Jobs that therefore require constant movement that is not too strenuous on the body but does require short bursts of high intensity while working outdoors. For example landscaping is a great example of an occupation that ticks all the boxes. 

You are working in gardens and outdoor settings so you are constantly outside surrounded by nature. Landscapers also are on the move all day and do need to exert large amounts of energy by lifting heavy loads occasionally. 

One of the down sides of working outdoors is the fact that you are more prone to injuries and therefore you must take extra care of your body with the right construction rated protective clothing. If you take care of yourself and your body while working outdoors at all times and this will be the best way to keep healthy and active overall. 

If you are going work inside in an office try and position yourself in a space that has views of natural green trees or water settings. Or if you are the boss of an organisation be aware that surrounding your employees with more natural environments will increase productivity. Alternatively adding plants to your office also can help create a more natural feel to the work space.