Remember having magazine subscriptions as a kid, and getting your favorite magazine posted to your mail box – and the joy you felt receiving your delivery each month?

Well, the adult version is here: monthly subscription boxes. Hundreds of companies offer this service, and loads more are jumping on the bandwagon due to the success of other schemes. 

Basically, you sign up to receive a treat box sent straight to your home each month, filled with products the company knows you’re going to love. Most of them get you to fill out a questionnaire about your likes and dislikes so your box is tailored uniquely to you. 

It’s like ordering yourself a surprise mail-order present! And the best part? It happens every month of the year. 

We love this idea so much that we’ve signed up to a few now – and we think you’ll love them too. Below we’ve listed a bunch of the best subscription boxes out there – what’s your favorite?

1. Birchbox (Beauty)

Get a selection of luxury makeup and skincare products delivered to your door every month, from brands like Kiehl’s, Benefit, Stila, Smashbox, and much more. When you sign up, you’ll be asked questions about your skin type and makeup preferences, so that your box comes delivered filled with products that work well for you and that you’re bound to adore. 

What’s more is that it costs just $10 per month; and you’re free to cancel any time! If you sign up for a year upfront, you get one box free. We think this is the best beauty box out there. Sign up today!

2. Casely (iPhone Cases)

If you love switching up your jewelry and accessories, you should treat your cell phone the same! The monthly (or seasonal) subscriptions from Casely are based on your style preferences, and you can either choose your case or let the store’s designers choose one for you. All subscription cases are exclusive – you can’t buy them anywhere else, even through Casely’s official shop. 

You can cancel the whole service any time you like, or just skip a month if you loved your last one so much that you’re not feeling a new case at the moment. Take a minute to browse through Casely’s gorgeous site and products, then register for your box!

3. Graze (Snacks)

Graze are a healthy, tasty snack company with a conscience. Not only are their snacks delicious – they stock popcorn, dippers, nuts, brownies, dried fruit, and loads more, perfect for nibbling at your desk or for lunch – but all the packaging is recyclable, and a portion of the proceeds go to the Graze School of Farming based in Uganda. 

For only $13.99 a month you can have 8 snacks delivered to your door, hand-picked for you based on your food preferences. After you’ve enjoyed them, you give each snack a star-rating to better tailor your box next month!

4. Candy Club (Candy)

Stock up on sweets with Candy Club – you may want to hurry and subscribe now whilst they have a $15 discount for new sign-ups! This is the perfect treat for anyone with an insatiable sweet tooth; and might also be a great plan for people trying to cut down on candy. Get your monthly box, and make that all the candy you get until next month!

They promise a 50% saving compared to premium candy stores, and stock well-known brands like Reese’s and Hershey’s alongside an extensive choice of hundreds of other candies. You have the choice to subscribe monthly, six-monthly or for the whole year! Get started picking your candy now via their website. 

5. Winc (Wine) 

Ever wished you could order wine to your house… Uh, you can! The premise of Winc is that they send you 4 full-size wine bottles to sample each month, based on what you tell them about how you like your wine. That way you can discover delicious new varieties. If that doesn’t sound like your bag though, you can choose your 4 bottles yourself. 

What’s more is that delivery is absolutely free. When signing up, you’ll fill in a fun questionnaire to let the pickers at Winc match wines to your taste. Try it out today with a $20 discount on your first order, and be the envy of all your friends.