No one is a born rummy player. You play the game, practice it and perfect its nuances over a period of time to eventually become a good player. In addition to gaining your expertise in the game, you also need to develop certain qualities that set you apart as a good player from the rest. 

Neither your qualification nor your status contributes to you developing into a good player. It is your attitude towards the game, your adversaries and your resilience to situations you encounter that helps you stand above the rest.
Here’s a roundup of what qualities define you to be a good rummy player. Although in no particular order, their impact is sure to be no less than a remarkable one.

1. Adherence to the rules
Be it the rules of the game or the rules of the rummy website, if you follow the rules it is your first step towards grooming yourself to be a good player.  Fraudulent practices along with infringement of rules will land you in serious trouble having negative implications on your rummy prospects too. Since online Indian rummy games are pre-programmed to detect and discard such activities, even a slight deviation at your end would cease you from playing on these sites.

2. Keeping your cool
One of the signature qualities of the successful Indian rummy players is their uncanny ability to stay calm despite unfavourable and dire situations in the game. With a calm mind, they are able to think ahead and plan their moves anticipating the probable actions of their opponents. Such kind of a forward-thinking approach is possible only when you stay cool. A calm mind will facilitate better thinking and help you to explore all options and translate them to your advantage. Being panicky does not do any good to you.

3. Practice diligently
In rummy at least there is no substitute to practice and no shortcuts to success. Only regular practice will help you learn the game better and play well to be successful. If you are keen on making it big at classic rummy, then play the game more regularly. Start with practice and free games, and gradually move to playing cash games/ tournaments and different variants of rummy too. Playing more will help you keep your knowledge, skills, and strategies afresh and sharp. It also helps you discover your mistakes and vulnerabilities in the game which you could rectify with regular practice. 

4. Maintain a positive attitude
One of the most distinctive qualities that define the best players from the rest regardless of which games they play, is their attitude. Like it is often said, “your attitude determines your altitude”, this statement holds perfectly well with a game like Indian rummy. Success and failures are very much part of rummy game too. If you are able to take them equally and with the same frame of mind you’ll be able to bounce back when it is hard on you. Then, undoubtedly, you would have arrived as a good player. 

Final thoughts

Playing good is a state of your skill but being a good player is a state of your mind. Play rummy; go for it.