Nail salons can be a dime a dozen if they don’t do anything to stand out. Exceptional service, a great location, or awesome products could set them apart from competitors. Salons have different target markets and offer many different experiences, but no matter where you go to get your nails done, you’re bound to see some of the same things. 

People look for cleanliness, updated products, and how well employees treat them. The first impression is key to customer retention and therefore it’s important to take steps to fulfill these customer attraction points. 

ABC News actually did a little field research to find out what customers were looking for in their nail salons. It turns out that a successful experience doesn’t always have to do with how your nails look when you leave the salon. There are actually many other factors that play a role in salon preference. Below are things that good nail salons with great customer retention rates all have in common.

Does the person who is doing your nails engage in any conversation? It’s important to have an open line of communication so you know the customer is getting exactly what they want out of the experience. Miscommunications can do more than just lead to the wrong paint color. 

2. Cleanliness
Find out how the tools used for the manicure or pedicure are cleaned. Companies like JA USA sell products like the sanitizer cleanmaker and Sanitizer Epiray that are designed to safely sanitize tools from all bacteria and fungicidal properties. 

3. Comfort
Getting your nails done is a luxury service and it should be relaxing and even feel good. If you’re getting a pedicure done, you want to be sitting in a comfortable chair, and you might even prefer a chair that comes with a little massage remote. The newness of the chair is important because you want to make sure its working before a customer gets comfortable. JA USA also sells pedicure chairs on their website. Prices for these chairs range from $2,295 to $3,395 and have features like full shiatsu massage systems and power slide and reclining. 

4.Overall Atmosphere
Like most other luxury experiences, people who are paying good money want to be encompassed by an appealing environment. You wouldn’t pay for a fancy meal in someone’s basement. Having modern and matching furniture is key to providing that overall salon feel. JA USA sells furniture like technician stools, client chairs, and tabletop furniture designed especially for salons. 

5. The Extras
Some salons will throw in a shoulder or leg massage while you wait, or even to supplement the service you’re paying for. These extras go a long way when it comes to getting customers to become repeat customers. Features like hot towels being rubbed up and down your arms or legs can be extremely soothing and cause a customer to come back just for the extra perk. 

There are always things that can be done to make your salon stand out from the rest. While things like communication and good customer service come free and can be put into action just by training your employees, other features may take a bit of investment. In order to talk the talk, salons need to walk the walk, and look like a place that paying customers would want to spend their money. Updated pedicure chairs, the proper cleaning supplies, and modernized furniture can set the tone for a great salon environment. While all of these things are runners up to the importance of cleanliness, setting yourself apart from customers by having newer and nicer things is a good way to keep your customers coming back.