If you’ve just had a baby, and are fighting diaper changes with sleep deprivation, then the chances are that slipping into a sexy little number is the last thing on your mind. However, now that your family unit is growing, it’s even more important that you rekindle your sex life, and make quality time for you and your partner. 

Just because you are now a new mom, there’s no reason why you can’t still enjoy yourself when the little ones are down for the night. After your raging pregnancy hormones, which probably had you blowing hot and cold, you may be now feeling like something of a frump. Don’t despair; these tips will help you to put the spice back into your relationship.

Embrace your curves
If you are a new mom, then chances are you are still getting used to your post-partum body. Having a baby quite literally puts your muscles out of place, so it can take some getting used to your new post-baby curves and aches and pains. Remember, that your partner won’t be checking out your cellulite or stretch marks when you get intimate! So, don’t worry about stripping off down to your mom pants. If you are struggling to embrace your new curves, then why not try putting on some sexy music or even trying an exercise class when you feel ready to help you feel more like your sexy self again. 

Schedule in date night
Date night and time away from your baby is important to strengthen your relationship with your partner. You might be enjoying doting over the latest addition to your family, but it is important that the two of you have a break from parenting and remember why you fell in love in the first place, rather than arguing about who has to change the diaper next. If you can’t get a sitter, then date night doesn’t always have to be a romantic rendezvous. It could be the chance for the two of you to catch up, or even watch a movie at home. If you are lucky enough to book a sitter, then consider leaving them with lebenswert organic formula for feeds, if you are weaning your little one off breast milk. Make sure to schedule a date night at least once a month, as this will work wonders for your relationship.

Get shuteye whenever possible
Sexiness and shuteye might not be the most obvious combination, but if you want to boost your overall mood levels and make sure that you are ready for anything in the bedroom, then you will need to try to grab some decent shuteye. Any new parent struggles with this, so discuss feeding routines and night-time duties with your partner, to make sure that the both of you manage to have some much-needed rest.

Having a baby can disrupt all areas of your life, but it doesn’t mean that you need to lose your libido. Embrace your post-partum curves, be sure to schedule in date night and finally, make sure that you catch up on sleep to boost your mood.