We all now that Mother's Day is special, but, being the stand up son or daughter you are, you want to make it extra special for your Mom. In order to pull off the perfect Mother’s Day gift, it’s good to plan ahead – it will give you time to cook up the perfect gift and coordinate a way to present it to your mom in style. Here are three great ideas that are sure to please the lady that raised you – you can use one or two, or do all three!

The first idea on the list is a fairly conventional one: send Mom flowers. You might be saying to yourself, “but flowers are so impersonal”, but they don’t have to be – it’s all in the way they’re packaged and delivered. Yes, you can order some amazing flowers and get them shipped right to her door. Take the time to pick an assortment of flowers for a floral bouquet, trying as you go to connect the flowers in some way to your mom – perhaps a purple tulip, if purple is her favourite colour, or a thistle if she has Scottish ancestry (to name a few specific examples). 

It is a great way to brighten up her day (and her table display) and show your love and appreciation. Now, if you want to go a bit further you could have a singing telegram and have that person deliver the flowers or some balloons. This is easy to do and there are many places that offer this type of service; just do a quick web search and you are good to go. 

A Luxury Car
Whereas the first item on this list was conventional, this next one is anything but! Yes, the next idea for Mother's Day is a used luxury car. Just picture it: how excited Mom will be (and how cool she’ll look) as she cruises around the GTA in her new, used luxury car. Now, before you think that this vehicle is going to be all beat up or not taken care of, rest assured this is not the case – stop by Village Luxury Cars in Markham, where they have a pristine inventory of used luxury cars, or have them bring the car to you for a mobile test drive. This one will require some early planning, so get in touch with a dealership now – your mom will brag about this gift to her friends for years to come, that’s for sure. 

Photo Album
If flowers and singing telegrams aren't mom's thing, and she doesn’t drive, you could always take a few of her favourite photos and make them into a puzzle or a special photo book for her enjoyment. It never hurts to have some amazing photographs around to light up the day, which can be printed onto key chains, coffee mugs, puzzles or almost anything you want these days. Nothing reminds mom of how much she’s loved than photos of all the great times that she’s had with the people that she loves the most. 

With these three ideas, you’re all set to wow your mom. For the woman that gave you life, accept no less than the best!