Majority of the students think that writing is hard. However, they do not know that writing is a skill, which is trainable. Even though it is up to a student’s personal effort to perfect their writing skill, the teacher’s input also matters a lot. Therefore as a teacher, you should ensure that you encourage your students and instill them with the proper writing skills. That is why this article will give you a guideline on how you should teach writing like a pro.

Strategies of Teaching Writing:

This is the stage that allows a writer to give ideas of what they are to write about. The writer is able to come up with the vocabulary and a structure that they will use for writing. Therefore, allow your students to have a prewriting session. It could be in groups or individually. Groups work better because the students get to share ideas and learn new ones from their colleagues.

The following are activities that make the prewriting sessions a success:

1.Creation of Word Bank
The word bank should be in relation to the topic they will write about. The word bank can be displayed in the class. It helps the students come up with the right vocabulary. This they can do through you asking them questions.

2.Drawing Pictures
The students can draw pictures of the ideas, which they can use when they write instead of notes.

The students can then research from the internet and in books, to look for vocabulary or the format they should use while writing. They can also get written samples from customize writing service providers from the internet and learn from them

This is the stage where, after the students collect the ideas from prewriting, you can give them time to prepare and also give opinions on how they should compose the work. It is from here, they will get the topic sentences. You can also use open ended questions to refresh their ideas before they start writing.

Before the students start writing, ensure they have a clear understanding of what they are writing about. According to, most students want to write for perfection and end up making a paralysis. Therefore, remind them that there will be a chance for them to correct any errors they make.

Encourage your students to be keen on the writing elements like content development, introductions, conclusions and thesis developments. The best format to edit is through peer editing. This will involve the students and they get to learn mistakes from their peers.

Practicing and Reviewing
As a teacher, you can ask the students many questions and have them write the answers down. Pronunciation practices can be oral. The students can exchange their answers with their peers. This gives them more confidence. After this, collect their written answers, and then help them make corrections. Ensure that all the students have known the right procedure before teaching something new.

At the end of the day, both the teacher’s and the student’s effort will play part into ensuring the writing skills of a student are perfect. Therefore, if you as a teacher want to your students to become good writers, you should use the tips we listed for you above. Christopher Pike, once said, “ A teacher tells you what you have to do, but a good teacher gives you knowledge that you need and makes sure you follow what is best for you.”