When you start to see those blinking lights and hear the blare of that police siren it is time to start planning. Being pulled over for a DUI is considered a serious matter for law enforcement all over the United States. When arrested for drinking and driving it is not a matter of whether or not punishment is coming after conviction. Being pulled over and arrested for DUI driving becomes a matter of how punished you will be and avoiding conviction entirely. 

DUI Rates and Laws 
The United States Department of Transportation reports that one third of car accidents result from substance abuse. Fatalities number at nearly 29 a day, with 1 death every 50 minutes due to a DUI. With the statistics being so bleak the laws for DUI’s have cracked down on cases nationwide. If convicted, the consequences may easily create problems that last a lifetime. 

The Consequences of a DUI Arrest 
A DUI conviction marks a person and their license. A DUI follow you as a viewable stain anyone is able to see. Employers, lenders, banks and schools alike all take criminal records into account when processing a background. Minimizing the consequences of a DUI conviction is essential to future prospects. Avoiding conviction entirely with a DUI lawyer will lead to much brighter possibilities ahead. 

What a DUI Lawyer Will Do For You
What a DUI Lawyer does is look over your case review the fact, and present your options. In a worst case scenario a DUI lawyer will focus on lowering the consequences of a conviction. Avoiding conviction is the preferred outcome to a case and a dedicated lawyer will work towards it tirelessly. A DUI lawyer will also be able to help expunge or seal any records for a beaten DUI case. 

Finding the Right Attorney for Your Case 
The first thing to do when facing charges is to understand what sort of trouble you will be facing and what legal protection to hire. When searching for a DUI lawyer you should draw up a list of potential law firms to hire in order to narrow down those able to help with your case. Location matters since different states follow different guidelines. For example, when finding a Los Angeles DUI lawyer to suit your needs you will need to hire a lawyer with legal knowledge of the state as well as the specific area. 

The majority of law firms offer free consultation on cases. It is an option to call, message or meet an attorney in person to gain a professional perspective on your case. After finding a preferred attorney the price of defense and fees are reviewed and negotiated depending on the case’s needs. Meet with a DUI lawyer today and legally defend yourself in court the best way you can.