Family law in Arizona is as complex and life-altering as it is anywhere else. As with any case in court, you will want to be completely prepared to face a family law case; a single mistake could cost you. There is a lot on the line during family law cases, which is why you will benefit from the services of family law firms to navigate the intricacies of Tucson, Arizona court for you.

In Arizona courts, divorce is actually called “dissolution of marriage.” The process of divorce can take the form of different scenarios, depending on whether it is a covenant marriage or not. If a marriage is non-covenant, then Arizona divorce works in a no-fault mentality. With no-fault, there does not need to be any proof of blame or responsibility to end a marriage. On the other hand, to dissolve covenant marriages, there needs to be proof of one or more of the following:
  • Abandonment
  • Abuse
  • Alcohol-related
  • Drug-related
  • Sexual
  • Physical
  • Adultery
  • Separation
  • Mutual Agreement
If you want to make sure that your divorce goes smoothly, legal aid will assist you greatly in deciphering the state of your marriage and the options available to you.

Child Custody
Child custody law overlaps with divorce law in Arizona courts: they both fall under the umbrella of family law. There are two main categories to know about when facing child custody cases in court:
Legal: The legal category of child custody cases focuses on the rights and responsibilities a parent has related to a child’s welfare. Medical, educational, and healthcare decisions for a child are a part of the legal child custody category. Joint legal child custody means that both parents have a say in decisions involving the various legal aspects of a child's life.

Physical:  This category of child custody cases addresses a child's day to day living situation. These cases determine who will make decisions regarding a child’s activities and schedule. Joint physical child custody means that both parents will have time with the child.

No matter the category, the court will base its decisions on what is best for the child. You will need to show that you are completely capable of caring for your child in court. With the right family lawyer, you will be able to display your attributes and resources to the court.

Child Support
For parents who do not have custody, they will need to financially support the parent who does. Child support debate usually ties into divorce cases, modifying and changing as separations commence. Depending on how court support proceedings go, child support will vary depending on the results. You could be paying much more than expected if you let the legal proceedings go at someone else's pace instead of your own.

Juvenile Criminal Matters
If a minor does something that would be charged as a crime if they were an adult, it is considered a juvenile delinquency case. The focus of juvenile court is to avoid lasting damage. That being said, having a minor in your care who goes to court can present many problems for both of you. If the proper legal precautions related to you are not taken, a court may consider the child's guardians unfit to take care of them.

Juvenile Dependencies
A guardian who is incapable of caring for and controlling a child may have to face charges brought by the state. This can lead to a dependency. A dependency is a decision by the court to separate a guardian from their child in order to provide a more structured environment for the child. When a guardian proves that they will be able to parent their child, the court will allow them to reunite.

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