One of the things that transcends cultures across the world is music. No matter where a person is from, there is a good chance that music has had some influence in their life. Listening to and singing with music has a way of bringing together people from a wide array of backgrounds and ethnicities. 

Music can also provide hours of entertainment. For these reasons, it is very important for those who travel far and wide to have an array of music gadgets that travel with them, so that they can entertain themselves and unite with those around them. Here are a few of the best music gadgets for a traveler to have:

1. Headphones
This one might seem obvious, but it is so important to have a good pair of headphones (or two!). You can listen to music through them on car rides or on planes, or while you are waiting at the airport for your flight to take you to your destination. Headphones are a must-have in the world of traveling and music, and it is a good idea to take a couple of pairs with you in case something happens and one gets broken.

2. Unlocked mobile phone
The era of iPods and MP3 players is all but over, so most people use their cell phones to store their music collections. Whether it's Pandora, Spotify, or a subscription to Apple music, having music on your phone has become the normal thing for many. There is such a wide array of music available for download, so having a cell phone that you can use around the world will surely open many musical doors.

3. Bluetooth speaker
While having the aforementioned phone can certainly help bring music with you, oftentimes the phone speakers are not loud enough to play music adequately. You can get a small Bluetooth speaker so that it does not take a lot of room in your luggage, but it will still make your music jam sessions much more enjoyable. As an added bonus, Bluetooth speakers are often very cheap, so you can buy one without breaking the bank.

4. Portable charger
One of the worst things that can happen on a long flight or on a day out and away from an electrical outlet is for your phone to run out of charge. This can not only deprive you of your music, but also of other forms of entertainment, like social media. Getting a portable charger than can hold one or two charges on it can help to ensure that your music is always with you.

5. AUX cord
If you are taking a road trip, consider getting an AUX cord from somewhere like You can play your music efficiently directly through the car speakers so that everyone on the road trip can enjoy the tunes.

Regardless of whether you are planning to travel domestically or internationally, these accessories can make any trip more enjoyable by making music more accessible. Since music can provide so much entertainment and it takes up such a small amount of storage on a device's memory, it is one of the most efficient ways to pass the time on any trip.