Using a garment steamer is an excellent way of removing wrinkles from clothes. Fabric steamers work by heating water and turning it into steam. The steam passes through the iron’s nozzle, reaching the clothes where it helps in relaxing the fibers on the fabric thereby removing wrinkles. 

Fabric steamers are not as common as traditional irons, but they are undoubtedly the easiest and most effective ways of removing wrinkles from clothes made from different types of fabrics. Armed with a few steaming tricks, you can do the steaming in your house and rid your clothes of all wrinkles.

Here are a few tips and tricks:

1. Know What You Can and Cannot Steam

You need to understand that not all fabrics can be de-wrinkled using a steamer. Fabrics made of cotton, wool, silk, and polyester can be de-wrinkled without any problem. However, fabrics such as suede, waxed jeans or plastics should not be subjected to steaming. 

In case you are unsure of whether a fabric can be steamed or not, it is advisable that you either test the steamer on a small portion of the fabric before using the steamer on the whole fabric or check the guide to fabric steamers and steam irons for directions and clarifications.

2. Steam with Caution

It is important for you to protect the garment that you are steaming. Always make sure that you leave some distance between the fabric and steamer when steaming fabrics made from sheer, silk, velvet or chiffon. To protect prints and embellishments from heat damage, make sure that you steam the garment inside out and avoid exposing the fabric to the steamer for too long. Remember steamers are better than irons.

Steamers are better than irons because they can be used to de-wrinkle a wide variety of fabrics. Steamers are used on clothes that are hanging and are highly portable and as such they are ideal for those who travel a lot. 

3. How to use the steamer

To get the best results from the steaming process, follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare the steamer

Fill the steamer’s water tank with cold water. Make sure that the cold-water tank is secured with a fastened lid. Plug the steamer into your wall socket and allow the water to hit up and build steam (this can take up to 3 minutes). Press the button on the handle to see if the steamer is releasing a continuous flow of steam.

Step 2: Hang the clothes

Make sure that the clothes you wish to steam have been hanged in an upright position. Hanging your clothes in an upright position will ease the steaming process.

Step 3: Run the steamer downward your garment

You can then steam your garment by running the steamer down the garment from top to bottom. Once done, you can then allow your clothes to air and dry.

Following the steps detailed above will ensure that you de-wrinkle your clothes like a pro. Try de-wrinkling following the steps today!