In the modern day and age of fashion, it appears that kids clothing tends to actually be overlooked. Many see celebrity children on several different tabloids, probably dressed in the highest priced and highest quality fashions, but that seems to be about it. So, in return many children's fashion outlets and premium quality designers are a bit under the radar. The Small Gatsby is no stranger to this, although this high quality and designer fashion outlet marketed towards children has been mentioned in the spotlight a few times prior. 

The Small Gatsby has been recommended by Milk Kids Collection, mentioned as a selected brand by the Luna Lookbook, selected by kids wear magazine, and was even listed as a brand to watch by Forbes. So, surely the quality and unique designs must have an impressive following or liking, beating out the odds of being totally over shallowed in the media or even by various other brands.The Small Gatsby offers several different designs and categories of children's designer clothing, but I find their selection to be especially prominent in baby boy designer clothing

The newborn selection available through their main site grants the ability for one to shop through age, from zero months to six months old, and toddler age range sizes go from six months to twenty four months. Both the clothing and the accessories in this extensive collection have no true gender selection however, so this gives off the impression that most of the clothes listed if not all are unisex. While some outfit pieces and accessories are unisex, obvious gender selections and pieces can be sorted out from the different categories listed. 

The clothing options listed in the baby section are accessories, bottoms, coats and jackets, classics, dresses, gifts, suits, party wear, tops, and wedding attire. 

After a very quick browse and glance at the accessories section listed for babies, I think it's safe to say that this is the smallest available selection with only just one item being listed. I find the bottoms section to appear very versatile and to be of very high and comfortable quality. Most of the bottoms listed, with them being pants are simply just unisex, with one tutu style skirt crafted from soft silk. The coat and jackets section is rather small as well, with most of the selection still being marketed as unisex. 

Moving on into the classics selection, we have very highly maintained and appraised clothing pieces that sold very well and actually appear a bit universal. To note another representation of the classics section, there are also several different dresses and outfit pieces geared and marketed towards just one gender. The suits, party, and wedding attire selection actually all appear the same or atleast have similar characteristics, which makes the clothing pieces featured in these collections perfect and fit for any formal occasion or event.

As with any clothing store, especially in the children's designer market, there are two available selection, for both genders, boy and girl. Both sizes in the boy and girls listed from age start from six months to six years in the smaller range sizes, four to eleven years in the child sizes, and even teens sized are available from twelve to eighteen years. I think the best selections in all of the categories are once again, the general formal wear outfits. 

Accessories are also available in this selection, but they are for the most part smaller sized purses and bags.