Smoking is a health hazard and most addicts try vaping as a way of quitting smoking. However, most people find vaping to be very technical and complicated. In fact, it becomes very embarrassing when one has to smoke their e-cigarette in a social gathering. The following are some useful vaping tricks you can adopt in order to make vaping as interesting as possible.

1 Cloud Dragon

The only way to achieve the Dragon level is through prolonged pulling without inhaling. It is important to ensure that you avoid inhalation while pulling to make it easy for you to form the Dragon Cloud. After considerable pulling, one exhales the vapor from their mouth via the nose using some force. Some of the vapor is exhaled through the mouth corners and the nose exhalation to form what is commonly referred to as a Dragon cloud.

2  Vapor Bubble 

This type of trick requires quite a number of supplies that include; sans paper, a toilet paper, the e-cigarette, and extra soapy water. You can get most of the vaping items in a vape shop. You can form a bubble wand by ensuring that one end of the TP roll is properly dipped in the soapy water. Next, one takes a long pull from the e-cigarette without inhaling. Finally, the exhalation is slowly done into the other end of the TP roll to form a bubble. The size of the bubble varies from one user to another depending on the level of fun they would like to have. You can release the vapor from the formed bubble by simply poking it. The vapor normally deposits itself on the bubble’s walls.

3 The French Inhale

It takes some time to perfect the French Inhale tricks, but it is one of the most interesting vaping tricks. The trick is also referred to as the Irish Waterfall vaping trick. To begin with, one lets the vapor to linger in their mouth after taking a decent pull. In this case, one is not supposed to inhale the vapor in the mouth. The next step is to push out the lower jaw by slowly opening the mouth. At this point, exhalation is also not allowed. The vapor lingering in the mouth is then allowed to come out slowly in a natural way. As the vapor comes out of the moth, one is allowed to inhale through their nose.

4 The Atomic Bomb

This is among the most difficult vaping tricks but can bring a lot of enjoyment after it has been perfected. You must be in opposition to make an “O” with the vapor for you to pull off this trick. In this case, one makes an “O” with some of the vapor after a long pull and exhales the rest of the vapor through the center of the “O”.

5 Cheerios

This trick requires some practice for one to be perfect. In this, the vapor is inhaled into the through after a long pull from the e-cig. Next, one is expected to stick their lips out in an “O” shape while keeping the tongue flat and in a backward position. The throat is then used to exhale a small amount of vapor like a mini-cough.

In summary, vaping is used by individuals that want to quit smoking. Some of the most notable vaping tricks include the cheerios, the atomic bomb, the French Inhale, vapor bubble, and the Cloud Dragon. Such tricks make vaping more interesting in social gatherings.