Around 70 million of the population of America is suffering from stress and anxiety results in disturbing their peaceful sleep. Anxiety feels so disturbing and discouraging, sometimes you feel butterflies in your stomach or knots in your belly, shaking hands, increase pulse rate, this could affect your health. With the tips discussed below learn how to reduce stress and anxiety and comfort yourself. 

Learn to relax:
Think yourself walking beside a beautiful aisle, and you’re going to meet up with a grizzly bear or worse then that and you have to give its report to the boss. Every time in anxiety condition the sympathetic nervous system of our body activates and triggers physiological changes. Mostly adrenaline starts secreting, heart rate increases and breathing starts the marathon. This natural process of anxiety survival is known as fight or flight response. This mechanism supports a person to handle a life-threatening situation, though when you imagine it, you think of doing your best everyone will know you are just pretending, that’s the fight or flight response, it essential yet too uncomfortable. 

Replace unhealthy strategies with the healthy ones:
For instance, think about the techniques you apply to handle yourself in stressful situations. You can identify then through your stress journal. Are those techniques helpful? Productive? Or unhealthy? Sadly, most of the people manage stress ways which compound the problem. 

Some of the unhealthy ways of handling stresses are

Using pills or drugs
Drinking too much
Keeping yourself isolated from friends, family, and social life. 
Starting junk or comfort food. 
Spending hours by just looking at your  
Supplement every minute to avoid facing issues. 
Excessive sleep
Releasing stress on others. 

If your techniques to cope up with stress condition are not enhancing your physical or emotional health, then you need to think about changing your strategies. Applying single method in different situations doesn’t help sometimes, you need to try new techniques and procedures. Concentrate on things that make you calm, relax and under control. You can also take anxiety and everyday mindfulness course from sites like Open Forest.

Encounter your fears:
Never leave the things which you find confusing. Most people feel discouraged or lazy, and they even stop socializing. A lot of people lose confidence to go out and mingle or travel. 
Keep connected:

You will always feel relax and fresh after cherishing with people with whom you always feel safe and secure. Whenever we interact with people, it triggers a flood of hormones which activates the body’s defensive “fight or flight” response. Communication is a natural way of relieving stress. So try to connect with people regularly. 

Besides all interaction always remember the people you are communicating with are not your caretakers and resolve your issues and stresses. They are just your good listener not kind-hearted. Do not consider yourself a weak person or a burden to others and resist communicating with others. Those who will loyal and cares about you will always admire you and trust on yourself. With them, you will feel secure, and your bond with them will be more robust. 

Get rolling:
We all know that the exercise plays a strong role in your health. According to recent research, the scholars had suggested that doing exercise is far better than taking medicines. People who practice exercise on a daily basis tend to have better health, improved moods and increase self-esteem, and especially their energy levels are highly activated.  When we do exercise specific chemicals releases called as endorphins, they interact with receptors in human brain and creates endorphin feelings in them along with reducing the level of physical pain.